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   Chapter 2 A Perfect Man!

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Amelia was welcomed with harsh winter winds biting into her skin as soon as she stepped out of Jasper's villa. Suddenly, Amelia realized that she was wearing thin clothes. She clenched her hands, and her eyes were sore. Soon, a pearl of tear dropped from the corners of her eyes.

Amelia didn't feel sad for Jasper's betrayal. Rather, she felt hurt as she thought about the cherished moments she spent with him in the past five years spent. What she had considered to be most precious turned out to be a mirage.

After wandering aimlessly on the streets for a few hours, Amelia was about to go back to her rental house. But when she thought of the room full of memories of her and Jasper, her feet suddenly felt too heavy to move towards that direction. At that moment, she could only think of her friend, Courtney. Amelia then called her to share this bleak incident with her friend.

"Oh my God! Who is this, calling me on this special day? Haven't you gone out on a date with Jasper? How come you are free to call me?" As soon as the line was connected, Courtney began to taunt Amelia.

"There was no date! This is the most miserable birthday I have ever had in my life!" Amelia said bluntly. There was no formality between Amelia and Courtney. They often spoke impolitely with each other. They never beat around the bush.

"Really? Tell me. Did Jasper refuse to sleep with you?"

"Courtney, since when do you have started speaking so rudely? And, leave everything behind and come over to have a nice drink with me tonight." Amelia came to the point directly. At this moment, she wanted to paralyze herself with alcohol so that she could forget everything.

"What? It seems that your birthday has made you sad, and drinking is not a big deal!" Courtney didn't stop her. Instead, she agreed with Amelia. "What about going to the Moon Bar? It is said that many handsome men are gathering in that bar. Maybe you can be hooked up with a man more perfect than Jasper!"

'Is Jasper a perfect man?' Amelia squinted her eyes and pondered. In fact, she had not thought much about it before, but now she knew it.

Very soon, night fell and the street lamps washed the city with a faint light. Slowly, all the high-rise buildings were lit up and so were the hoardings on the street. The entire city looked beautiful like the Paris garden.

Amelia never came to the Moon Bar earlier. It was her first time here. Hence, it was obvious for her to get nervous. She just wanted to get drunk. So she rushed in and headed straight towards the bar counter without even asking for guidance from the waiter. Amelia looked at the bartender and ordered a peg of strong vodka.

The bartender looked at Amelia's face surprisingly when he heard her. He didn't expect that a girl would order wine with such high alcohol concentration.

Amelia made herself comfortable on the bar counter. She looked at the dazzling and colorful lights. There were so many men and women who were dancing on the high decibel music. They were swaying to the tune and hugging each other passionately.

A faint smile appeared on Amelia's face as they saw those happy couples. She sat there, drinking up a few glasses of wine. Suddenly, she felt her face burning and sharp pain in her stomach seemed to be pulling her down. It could be because she hadn't eaten anything the whole day and drunk a lot. It was difficult for her to sit straight on the high chair at the bar counter.

"Are you alright, Miss?" The bartender saw her falling from her seat and came over kindly.

Amelia was a little dizzy. All of a sudden, she lost consciousness.

"Go away! I just broke up with my boyfriend, but didn't lose my virginity yet!" Amelia blurted. She pushed the bartender away.

At that time, a tall man walked past her. He stopped and took a few steps towards Amelia as he heard her words. A disdainful smile curled up the corners of his mouth.

"In that case, don't drink anymore," said the bartender as he tried to take the glass of wine away from Amelia's hand.

Amelia shrugged his hand off and refused. "Don't drink. Why not? A drink can dispel sorrow! I'm so frustrated now. Just let me have a good drink!" Amelia said, pointing at her heart. And then she burst into tears.

"What?" The bartender was at a loss as he heard Amelia.

"Go ahead with your work. I'll handle it here." A cold and soft voice came from behind.

"Jasper Gu, you bastard! How dare you!" In a drunken state, Amelia took that unknown man for Jasper. She broke into an uncontrollable sob as Amelia thought that Jasper was worried about her. She held the man's hand excitedly and cried out bitterly.

When the bartender saw this, he immediately let go of Amelia, who was drunk, to the man's arm as if getting rid of big trouble. Then he said respectfully, "Sir, since you are a friend of this lady, could you please buy the drinks for her?"

The man took out his card without uttering a word, paid the bill, and took Amelia out of the noisy bar.

The night wind bit into her skin making her shiver. Amelia had been dizzy and seemed to be a little sober now. She looked at the man in front of her with blurred eyes and asked in a muffled voice, "Haven't you fallen in love with Yolanda? Why did you come to me?"

Amelia punched and kicked the air to vent her anger.

"Be quiet!" There was a trace of impatience in the man's cold voice as he pushed Amelia into his silver Porsche.

Although Amelia was drunk, she could make out that this voice didn't sound like Jasper's. Opening her eyes, she found that the person in front of her was obscure. At the same time, she couldn't bear the pain of having an empty stomach. Like a homeless kitten, she curled up on the front passenger seat and cried bitterly from her throat.

"Hang in there for a while. We are almost there." Perhaps it was because of the pain on her face that the man's voice softened down into a warmer tone.

The silvery Porsche stopped in front of a luxurious villa called SJ Garden. As soon as the man turned off the engine, the butler immediately w

alked up to him and said respectfully, "Mr. Lucian, Mr. Nicholas heard that you have come back and asked you to go back to the Zhan mansion tonight!"

The man was getting out of the car with Amelia in his arms. He frowned at the butler's words and seemed a little displeased. But when his cold sight fell on the fair and quiet face of Amelia, the frown on his face disappeared.

"Ouch, it hurts!" Amelia groaned in pain.

"Darren, please bring Dr. Chen here for me!" Lucian Zhan anxiously asked Darren Fang looking worried.

"But Mr. Nicholas is still waiting for us..." Darren Fang stammered awkwardly.

Lucian's face darkened as he blurted impatiently, "I'll call him myself."

Upon hearing Lucian's reply, the nervous look on Darren Fang's face gave way into a sigh of relief. He broke into a smile and said quickly, "I'll go to call Dr. Chen right away!"

The bright lights shone in the large villa, but it was cold because no one lived here.

After experiencing sharp pain, Amelia became more and more unconscious. She vaguely felt that she was held tightly by a warm embrace. She wanted to know if that person was Jasper, but before she could utter the words, she was surrounded by something soft.

"All men are bastards..."

Lucian Zhan, who was tucking in Amelia on the bed, looked at her face as he heard what she said. He suddenly paused and then smiled playfully.

"Mr. Lucian, Dr. Chen has come," the butler came and informed him.

"Okay, let him in."

Lucian Zhan moved aside and waited for the doctor to check up Amelia. After Dr. Chen was done, Lucian asked, "How is she now?"

When the butler saw the worried look on Lucian Zhan's face, he was left dumbfounded. As far as he could remember, Lucian had always been too aloof and arrogant. He had never brought any woman home. Even if there was news about him dating a woman, the dating place was only in a hotel, and never in his private house. What was more surprising was that the woman lying in bed at the moment was average looking and even drank a lot.

"Mr. Lucian, please rest assured. This young lady drank too much wine in an empty stomach which has led to stomach ulcers. She will be fine after drinking some honey water."

"Hurry up!" As soon as the doctor finished, Lucian Zhan gestured the butler to give the honey water to Amelia. "Well Okay!" The butler answered quickly as he struggled to recover from his thoughts.

After the doctor left, Lucian Zhan returned to his room and heard the noise of things being thrown from Amelia's room.

"What happened?" Lucian Zhan's handsome eyebrows twisted tightly in an instant.

Darren Fang looked frightened and his face turned pale. He immediately ran to Lucian Zhan and said, "Mr. Lucian, this lady didn't cooperate with me. She knocked down the honey water I took for her..."

Taking a look at Darren Fang's petrified look, Lucian Zhan scoffed, "You can't even handle such a trivial thing properly. Bring up another glass of honey water."

"Uh..." Darren Fang couldn't believe his ears and glanced at Amelia. Now he was surer that the woman lying on the bed had a close relationship with Lucian Zhan.

Soon the butler returned a glass of honey water, annoyed that there was no servant in the SJ Garden.

"Give me the honey water," said Lucian in a low voice.

"Mr. Lucian, these things should be done by the servants. But you like to have a quiet environment. Several days before you came back, I dismissed all the servants." With a serious look on his face, Darren Fang seemed to be in a dilemma. He didn't know whether he should feed Amelia with honey water in person or give the honey water to Lucian.

Lucian Zhan understood what was bothering him. He said to Darren Fang, "It's getting late. You should go to bed. I'll handle it."

Darren Fang nodded his head. Something came into his mind when he turned round. Darren turn back, worried. "Mr. Lucian Zhan, Mr. Nicholas is not in good health. You'd better go back to his house as soon as you can..."

"Okay, I know." Lucian Zhan stopped him impatiently and turned his eyes towards Amelia.

The butler left the room immediately and suddenly there was pin-drop silence in the room.

Taking off his designer suit, Lucian rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. Then he brought the honey water to the bed. He took a deep breath before he picked up Amelia in his arms, as if trying to coax a little child and said softly, "Come on, open your mouth."

Amelia flinched in pain. Her vision was still blurred. She raised her hand to grasp something when she heard the sound.

Luckily, Lucian Zhan was quick enough to avoid the honey water splattering onto the floor again.

However, her action annoyed Lucian Zhan. He put the glass on the tea table, grabbed the trembling Amelia with one hand, forced open her mouth and tried to pour the water into her mouth with the other.

"Well..." It seemed that Amelia couldn't get along with him on purpose. The glass was at the edge of her mouth, but she clenched her teeth.

Lucian Zhan had no choice but to let go of Amelia. He was just about to leave. But as soon as he got out of the bed, Amelia grabbed his arm and cried, "Hey, it's my birthday. Can you just stay here?"

There was a trace of sadness in Amelia's drunken voice that tugged at his heartstring. He hesitated whether to stay or leave.

"Then drink the honey water." His cold voice became soft, which was completely different from his usual self.

Lucian repented having fallen into such a big trouble.

Lucian Zhan didn't get what he wanted. Amelia still didn't drink the honey water. She moved to Lucian Zhan and mumbled, "Such a warm hug..."

Looking at the girl in his arms, Lucian Zhan's handsome face suddenly turned dark, and he felt his heart collapsing. He wanted to push away Amelia, but when he saw Amelia's creased eyebrows, the deep sorrow on her face made him have a little pity on her.

"Well, it's my bad luck!" Lucian brought Amelia in his villa. And even if he regretted thousands of times, he had to finish everything.

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