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   Chapter 35 Storm of Darkness

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***Magnus's POV***

Rain was coming down when the group finally made their way outside. The earth was rumbling, the sky seeming to cackle maniacally with the rumble with thunder as though it knew of the bad time coming their way. The stars were blotted our by the foreboding clouds. The couple from earlier was gone and there was no one else to be seen on the sidewalk or the nearby roads and buildings. Even after all these years, Magnus had always found it strange that none of the Mundanes had ever questioned the abandoned lot being in such a busy place. Prime real estate was hard to come by in the city that never slept so it would make sense to see the "abandoned building" — while it appeared to be in a horrible state— to be somewhere worth owning the rights to. But nonetheless, the glamour that warded these thoughts held up. The Institute would be left alone, a seemingly forever useless piece of the city to mundane eyes.

But those with the sight knew the truth.

Magnus wondered how many Downworlders and sight mundanes were looking out there windows knowing this storm was unnatural with its blood red clouds and dizzying wind currents. The wrongness of it all left him feeling nauseous. Perhaps it was for the best the other Shadowhunters stay inside. Isabelle, Jace, Clary and Simon refused to be left out of the action, as did a few others whose names he really should learn. The rest were with Underhill, preparing for what very well could turn into a dire invasion.

The magic inside him flared ominously. Like himself, his power could sense the oncoming fight. Ever since he had temporarily lost his magic, Magnus found himself reaching out even more to the blue-red energy inside himself. Reaching out and feeling his core. These were things he hadn't done since he was first learning how to use his powers. For something that had always belonged to him, it felt like the loss of an entire limb when it was cut off. And even that is an understatement. He valued his powers more than ever now, especially since he knew they might've never returned had it not been for Alec, even if his way of going about it was absolutely bonkers. But it's the thought that counts I suppose.

"Alexander, are you sure you're ready for this?" He whispered low into his husband's ear.

They were still underneath the archway of the door. The others were making their way down the steps, not noticing their halt in movement. Except for Daniel that was. The eldest of the winged nephilim stared at them briefly, watching them the way a studious scientist would pour over their latest chemical mixture. The plan Daniel laid out might as well have been a volatile one, for all the complaints received. But in the end this plan would be put into action. This was the only way, or so Daniel convinced them to believe. Magnus wasn't so sure and he worried Alec felt the same.

Alec tilted his head down to breathe back his response in a slow exhale. "Probably not, but I doubt we have time to wait for me to be. We have to do this Magnus. Otherwise. . ." He trailed off. Magnus figured he knew what Alec was getting at, but he wanted to be sure.

"Otherwise we risk the end of the world yes? We risk complete annihilation?"

"I was going to say we risk becoming like Thule, but those work too."

"Hmm. Then we really do have no choice. Do we?" Magnus asked.

"No, we don't. But at least I have you by my side, " Alec smiled faintly.

Magnus nodded, warmth spreading in his chest. "You'll always have me." He agreed. "And I'll always have you." Immortality was wonderful in that sense. Their two souls would no longer be parted by the whims of a lifespan.

***Harry's POV***

The fire inside him was burning, begging to be let out.

He took a deep, steadying breath.

Now was not the time.


He looked to his brother. He looked down at the weapon in his hand. This had to be done.

Wordlessly, Harry passed over the sword.

"Take care of Joyuese. She's one of a kind. Or maybe I should say one of a trio."

Daniel nodded. "I will."

"You know what you have to do?"

Another nod. "Yes. They may not like it but. . ."

"It has to be done." Harry surmised.


"Good luck big brother."

"Thank you, little brother."

With the sword slung across Daniel's back, the two winged nephilim were ready to face the oncoming storm.

***Izzy's POV***

Rain battered down hard, sluicing off the unforgiving concrete to spill on the grass that was no longer the absorbent surface it had been from the start. Puddles littered the ground, the musk of mud and the sense of being in some sort of bog making her nose itch. She had jokingly told her brothers once that the reason why she never got dirty was because her purity repelled dirt, or something of the like — memory became hazy with the years taking off the clarity— but she doubted this would be a similar case. The Endarkened were husks surrounding the institute. They contained blank stares and thin frowns as transparent as glass. There was no emotion in those empty shells, though the dark lines of anger and rage covering their bodies spoke enough of a story to fill in the gaps. Just like the winged nephilim had warned, there would be no saving these people from the hell they had been entered into. All that could be done for them now was to provide a quick death to end their suffering.

Still, she looked away when Andrew Blackthorn appeared at the helm of the mindless warriors. He had the same glazed look although there was a wicked smirk on his fa

ocused. You can't afford to mess up. Not here. Not now.

"I have no other choice. We had no choice Sara."

Just as he expected, his twin picked up on the double meaning. Her wings stilled for the briefest second, lowering her in the air slightly. The distance would've been unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Those wings that were meant to be beautiful pearlescent white were ruined by the ugly smudge of charcoal gray. Black was littered everywhere like broken shards. In short, Sara's wings blended into the stormy sky.

"You always have a choice Daniel. This didn't have to happen."

Daniel shrugged. "Nothing ever does. Despite how powerful we all are, we cannot see into the future. At least, I can't."

A dark smile. "I used to be able to see many things, all the futures appearing before in the tiniest of glimpses. There are always so many paths to choose. It's hard to believe in things such as destiny and fate. Humans are unpredictable creatures. So very unpredictable."

He nodded. Lightning reflected the frown on Sara's face. It was a thin line, much like the slash of a sword or a very wicked knife. "I suppose the same can't be said for us."

"We immortals are unique yes. The older we become, the more predictable our actions seem. With each and every conflict we faced, I could always see my possible demise one way or another. I tried to ignore it."

After so many years, the admission didn't surprise him. There was a bite of pain however, though he wasn't sure what stung most. His bow was put away reflexively, the knowledge that it wouldn't do him good here ever present in the back of his mind.

"I know you did, I can't blame you. I just wish it had never happened."

She sighed. The evil he had seen from Sara since her return wasn't as clogging to his senses now. He could focus on her expression with detail, look past the deep seated anger to find the other emotions stashed below. A string of pain; a niggle of remorse; a strike of sorrow.

"It doesn't matter what you wished. What's done is done."

"But it doesn't have to be. We don't have to take this path Sara, " Daniel said, hoping conviction poured from his voice. One last attempt. Just one, and then a fight for his life if things went the way he deep down knew they would.

"There is no running from this Daniel, you know as well as I do. Since I doubt he'll willingly give it to me. . . I'm sure you'll be happy to oblige once I take it from you. The least you could do really, after all the pain you've caused me."

And yes, it had all been leading to this, hadn't it? The reason why the Dark Order has started all this in the first place. When Daniel was a child he had no idea why these devilish angels so viciously sought after his father. He had figured it to be some hatred for an angel in the light, but that wasn't even half the story. Somewhere along the way the pieces slid into place to form the perfect picture.

He took on a fighting stance. It was hard to tell if the rain was what made his temperature drop, or if it was just his blood running cold. "I'm not giving you that Sara. If you want what I have you'll have to come and get it."

And the wicked smirk stretched wider, even when Daniel drew out the gold tinted sword gifted to him by Harry. "Oh. I plan too." Another sword was drawn, glinting a powerful silver like a fallen star.

Twin siblings were never meant to fight like this, but it did not matter. Whatever could be said about destiny or fate, the intertwining of feelings, emotions, memories, experiences had all led up to this moment.

And when Daniel rushed to strike at Sara, the energy inside him sung with a power of his own.

The ties that bind.

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