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   Chapter 29 Faerie Realm Blues

An Uncertain Present By Grace Estellar Characters: 10587

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****Armando's POV****

He was walking through the forest, destination up ahead. Fog whipped through the trees like a soupy veil. It concealed much of the foliage on the ground, the branches in the trees were dark lines of leafy appendages. They rattled with almost ghostly intent. Armando hardly paid them any mind. Each step in clumpy mud made his feet sink into the ground. He was thankful to be wearing boots for the occasion, his normal dress shoes would've been ruined by now.

I'm almost there. Hopefully I'm not too late.

Shortly after Sara's return, Daniel had come up with the reasonable concern his twin would seek out the rest of her family, i.e. Gabby, Isaac and her husband Ricardo. It had been no easy task for him to leave Daniel in his time of need, but the winged nephilim was right to be worried about this. There's no telling what Sara might do to them. She might blame them too.

So he quickened his pace when the screech of a bird echoed in the air. There was no telling where the sound came from, just that it was haunting his mind. The screechiness of it made him wince, as did the thick swathe of bushes. Using his magic to move the thorny brush aside would not do. The fey could easily sense when magic was being used in their realm. Armando was not looking to attract attention from their less than savory eyes. So he bit the bullet, walking through tangles of vines. They scratched at his skin to leave blood trails on his cheeks, neck and the backs of his hands.

Eventually he came upon the clearing. The grass was tampered down here from a great many footsteps. His heart plummeted in his chest when he realized why this was so odd. Fey step lightly, so lightly they don't leave footsteps on the ground. Ricardo and the kids couldn't have made those footsteps. So that means. . .

Armando raced further into the clearing. Bram's crossroads sat right next door, the clay pavement a murky color from rain. The little hutch the kids would sleep in was thoroughly torn apart, tufts of strew hay and tree roots lay in heaps on the ground. The little campfire site with its heavy logs and stone entrapment doused with water in a dug our swampy crater. There was no sign of the little family, save for the few feathers left on the ground.

"I'm too late."

***Izzy's POV***

She opened the door to the designated bedroom. When the Blackthorns and Emma were brought to the New York Institute, she had tried to make them as comfortable as possible, granting them several rooms on the residential floor. Except none of them had wanted to be parted from one another. And so, she had to make do with another option. That was why this room was a master suite with the biggest bed she could find. It was her personal room. She had never given it to someone else before, but this was an exception.

The curtains were pulled shut when Izzy came in. Tavvy and Dru were passed out on the bed. Livvy and Ty were sitting together in the two chairs near the fireplace, the embers crackling in the pit. Julian was leaned up against desk, Emma whispering low in his ear. She was starkly aware of the two missing Blackthorns: Helen who was still wit

wing menacingly. "Simple, we him that we have found the Lost Heir."

The Queen looked shocked to say the least. Armando could never recall seeing such a gaping expression stretched across the planes of her mouth. For the fey, revealing emotion was hardly done, if at all. They would be emotional towards each other, never outsiders.

"But the heir. . . they are dead." The Queen said slowly. "The King sent his own men to kill her."

Sara nodded. "True, but her descendant is alive and well. Out there in the world, just waiting to be found."

Armando felt just as shocked as the Seelie Queen. He had heard stories of the Lost Heir. The Queen and King tried to bring their courts together hundreds of years ago, create a joint kingdom. They had poured all their energy into their future offspring, passing on magical abilities and charms of likeliness to the future heir. But. . . But when the child was born, it was a she. The King could not accept a woman ruling over all. And so, he had her killed. That was how the story was supposed to end. But not all tales were true. This one was only partially correct. Like many of the stories the fey weaved, there was an absence of honesty, a hidden secret within.

"I see. I trust you know where the Heir is."

"Hmm, I make no promises. Just saying it shall be enough to make him wish to join us, " Sara said.

Armando could not believe what he was hearing. They were going to be pairing up together. Things were much worse than anything Daniel or he had imagined. I have to get back, tell Daniel and the others what's going on.

He began to back away slowly, his footsteps as light as he could make them. Unfortunately, this did not matter. The snap of a twig was all it took.

Snap. Crackle.

Armando froze. The air in his lungs lodged itself, refusing to exhale. Heads whipped up in the clearing. Eyes scanned the forest. And then Sara was disappearing in a whirl only to reappear somewhere else. He heard the chilling voice behind him, ghosting over the shell of his ear to send goosebumps down his spine.

"Hello Armando. It's been awhile."

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