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   Chapter 28 The Truth of a Heron

An Uncertain Present By Grace Estellar Characters: 11959

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***Harry's POV***

"STOP!" He shouted.

His own words reverberated in his mind like a slamming door. Harry flew right at the sword, catching it before it could stab its fatal blow into Jace's throat. Sara glared angrily at Harry, red eyes seething. Some blood trickled in a webbed stream down his palm from the blade pricking his rough, sweaty palms. He ignored the pain. As a blacksmith, this wasn't the first time he had been cut.

"Harry." Alec breathed out his name, the relief heavy in his voice. Jace was staring up at him with amazement. He probably couldn't track my movements, considering how fast I was going.

"How dare you get in the way." Sara practically barked. Her wings twitched behind her like hands curling into fists. The crash of waves against the shore were violent again, reflecting her mood and the tension heavy between them.

Harry didn't want this. Fighting his sister. . . he would not do it. Could not. This was something he would never be capable of. The Sara of days past would understand this, know in her heart of hearts why he could not strike her down. They were all connected, the ties that bound them together still holding fast after all this time. Harry would not let them fall into ruin. But she's hurt Pippa, I must stand my ground.

"They weren't lying Sara. Jace isn't a Wayland, he's a Herondale."

"Any more of these lies and it'll be more than just the Wayland boy who dies." She snarled.

Harry looked away from the spectators watching on with wide eyes. He did not have Daniel's powers, but the heavy emotion of worry and despair were easy to sense lingering in the air. Somewhere, a seagull was cawing. Crabs made their crawling path back to holes in the sand as they bedded down for the night. Slowly, he let one of his own swords slide from his hand. The blade made a soft humming sound as it's master took care to move it. There was only one real way to prove the truth to Sara; one thing she could deny once it was seen. With a swift strike, a piece of Jace's shirt was torn away to reveal exactly what he was looking for.

"Well I'll be. Haven't seen that in awhile." Magnus murmured.

"Impossible, " Sara said.

Harry took a steadying breath. "All Herondale men Will Herondale and onward have a star shaped mark near their collarbone. It was meant to show the divine touch the Herondale family has experienced in the past. Jace has this Mark, he is a Herondale."

"But how. . .? How can this be?" Sara was backing away from Jace now, heels leaving scuffs in the pliant sand.

Jace rose to a sitting position, eyeing Sara warily. "I once believed I was a Wayland. But I was lied to, we were all lied to. Valentine Morgenstern pretended to be Michael Wayland when he abducted me after getting my real parents killed. For so long I didn't know who I really was, what family I truly belonged to."

"So you're really Stephen and Celine's son? I should've realized. . . you look just like them. After all this time, I never thought I had any Shadowhunter family left. That I was the founder of the Herondale line and the last to hold the name."

Harry flung his arms out wide in exasperation. His lungs felt like they were burning, and so did his eyes. Telling the truth never left him with such a mix of emotions before. They were intense inside his heart, like the hot sun had been beating down on the beach just an hour before.

"But you're not. And believe me, this isn't something I would lie about. The Wayland line, " he swallowed down the lump in his throat. Harry could still hear her laugh ticklin

his doubts down as he walked out the swinging door. He needed space.

***Alec's POV***

He was sitting beside Magnus in the Consul's Office. The room was like his own in decor, but the walls were a rich evergreen. A tapestry hung on the wall above the desk. Like so many paintings in Alicante it depicted the angel Raziel as he rose out of Lake Lyn. The angel seemed ageless as he held out the cup and sword to Jonathan Shadowhunter. With his own past apparent, Alec wondered where Daniel, Pippa and Harry were during that time. His mind hesitated to think about Sara. After yesterday. . . I don't know what to do.

Alec was thankful to have his husband with him to ground him in the meeting. His left leg that kept wanting to jostle was held down by Magnus's pressing hand. The firm pressure kept him steady even though his mind still felt jumbled.

"I think you both know why I called you here, and I'm glad you could make it on such short notice." Jia began. The woman was dressed in her usual business attire, a pin stripe suit was silver cuff links.

Magnus nodded. "It's good to see the Clave pulling things together quickly. I assume the other representatives of the Downworld have similarly been invited?"

Jia dipped her head. "They couldn't make it on such short notice, but they will be informed about the attack sometime later this evening."

"Sounds good, " Alec said. His voice was void of emotion. Magnus and Jia both eyed him worriedly.

"But enough about that. You two were both at the Los Angeles Institute. Our Centurions haven't returned from the site yet. Have either of you possibly seen whoever was responsible for. . ." Jia trailed off. Alec could make several guesses as to what she would have said.

Magnus squeezed his arm. It was a silent question. "Should we tell her the truth? Will you be okay with it?" Alec gave him a jerky nod. He was afraid to speak out loud. Who knew what may pour out of his mouth if he did.

"We did. They were like nothing we had ever seen before. And, they called themselves the Dark Order." Magnus explained.

"The Dark Order." Jia echoed.

"Yes." Alec's voice came out gruff. "They called themselves the Dark Order and believe me when I say they are ruthless. A force to be reckoned with."

"That bad huh. The Clave will have to be informed immediately. May the Angel protect us all in this tough time."

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