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   Chapter 11 Argument Interrupts Celebration

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****Magnus's POV****

Magnus was humming to himself as he shrugged off his morning robe to change out into something more fitting. His husband laid sprawled out in bed, snoring softly. Alec had been awfully restless during the night for no discernible reason, so Magnus had thought it was only fair the Shadowhunter turned Archangel was allowed to sleep for a little while longer.

It is the weekend after all so he does have the day off anyways.

Unfortunately Magnus had been left unaware of the dream going on inside Alexander's head. If he had known...well, things would've been different, that much was certain.

Magnus was working on zipping up his tight skinny jeans when Alec bolted up into the waking world. His hazel eyes were turning a powerful blue as he gasped for air, his mouth shaped in a silent plea. For what, Magnus was uncertain. Behind his husband those white wings trembled as though struck by a deep set pain. There were no injuries on Alec however, so it seemed whatever was troubling him had to be of the internal variety. Hastily he rushes over to Alec's side. His jeans and button up violet shirt could be fixed up later.

"Alexander, what's wrong?"

Those blue eyes turned to him. They stare wide and unblinking, a million thoughts seemingly rushing through Alec's head in those few seconds. A heavy set frown grows on the Archangel's lips.

"Nothing." He sighs. "Just....just...well, I guess I could say it was a bad dream."

"Do you want to talk about it?"


Magnus peers at his husband worriedly. Runed skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat, making Alec's messy black hair plaster to head. Worry was pulsating from both husbands now, though where Alec's concerns came from were still unknown to him. Sure there are the Acriux demons but he doesn't know the full extent of the danger they pose yet. And besides, Izzy and Simon are having their engagement party tonight. Shouldn't he be feeling happy? Unless....

A certain winged nephilim came to mind. One who had been stressing Alec out over the past couple days. Possibly he was involved in this.

"Alexander, tells me the truth, does this have to do with Daniel?"

Alec lets out a bone-weary sigh as his eyes return to their normal hazel hue. The Archangel must realize that his expressions were freaking Magnus out, so he relaxed slightly in bed. Those calloused hands were tightly fisted in the sheets however, still revealing the tension Alec was trying so hard to push down.

"I....I....yes. I think, no, I know so."

Magnus softens at that admission. The honesty in Alec's tone is unmistakable to his ears. It was that same tone that Alec would use whenever he made confessions such as "I love you" or "you're my world" or some such. Magnus found solace in that tone, just like he found peace in his husband's warm embrace that would squeeze the air out of his lungs whenever Alec hugged too tight.

"Hmm, and you're sure you don't want to talk about it?" Magnus presses again, hoping for better results this time. The haze of panic was gone from Alec now, replaced by steady befuddlement.

"Uh....I don't think I'm ready yet, to be honest. It's a lot to process." Alec lets out a sigh, those hazel eyes peering up at Magnus. "I'm sorry. I know that's not what you wanted to hear."

"Nonsense. I just want to make sure you're okay is all. I know how hard it came be to come to terms with events, whether they be from the past or present."

"You're telling me." Alec lets out an aggrieved huff. "Daniel's been hiding something from me...and now that I think I know what it is, I can't help feeling sick all over."

"Perhaps you'll feel better after speaking to him at tonight's party. Celebration and alcohol tends to make confrontation run smoother, if not with a little less inhibition in the way."

"You make a fair point." Alec gets up from the bed with stiff legs. Those white wings stretch out behind him as he lets out a yawn. "Tonight will be a perfect opportunity to talk to him."

"Yes, that's why some people call me Magnificent Magnus Bane." He does a practiced flourish that he picked up back during the early 1800s. Usually it was to woo women, though it did work on the occasional man under the right circumstances. Alec reacts in a pleasant way to the gesture, a soft smile adorning his features as he lets out a chuckle.

"Oh really. Raphael told me last month that he nicknamed you Magnificent Bane because you were being a pain in the a-"

"Language Alexander." One slender finger stops the offending word from slipping out of Alec's mouth. "I can't say I'm surprised Raphael would make such a statement, though I am surprised he shared it with you, seeing as he isn't much of a sharing type around my significant others. Especially not Etta."

Etta had been his girlfriend during the time he had taken in Raphael back when he was a new Fledgling. Like then, Raphael still wasn't much of a people person. At this point Magnus doubts that will ever change.

Alec presses a kiss to Magnus's cheek before beginning to walk out of the room. His wings sway behind him like alluring veils of shimmering light, much to tantalizing for anyone to resist.

"Well, I guess he finally realized that unlike Etta, I'm here to stay." Alec says with his sleepy voice. It's husky in the way it always is when his husband just wakes up. It's also extremely hot. I can remember several occasions during our first months of dating where I woke up turned on by that rugged voice.

"Touché Alexander Lightwood-Bane. Touché."

Magnus walks out to join his husband in the living room. The curtains had been drawn back to let in streams of sunshine that swathed the hardwood floors wit

erous light, splashes of red hot anger shifting through them. The other two siblings were following behind him with mixed expressions. Harry bore a worried frown, while Pippa seemed to almost shake with pent up rage.

"Daniel you need to listen to us!" Pippa all but yells.

"No. I don't want to hear anything else you have to say." Daniel announces coldly. "We're at the party now, so please don't make a scene." The eldest tries to walk away, only for Harry to grab at his wrist to tug him back. Magnus and the other party goers watch in silence as Daniel whirls around ready to shout, only to sigh when he realizes that it's Harry that grabbed him and not Pippa.

"Dan Dan, I know you're hurting but this has to be addressed. It'll be six years soon since..." Harry trails off, apparently unwilling to say more. Magnus wonders what was about to tumble out of his mouth.

It has to have been important, whatever it was.

He is old enough to realize what the sad looks on the winged nephilims' faces mean. And he doesn't like it one bit. Magnus glances over at his husband to see his reaction to the heated argument. Alec's jaw is clenched tight as he remains rooted to his spot next to Magnus.

"Harry....don't. Please, just don't."

"Why Daniel, he's absolutely right that we need to talk about this. You went missing for almost two days and we all know why. You can't keep shutting us out about this and you know it!" Pippa exclaims angrily her hands tossed up in the air at the eldest as if to express "look at what an absolute idiot you're being".

Magnus couldn't recall having ever seen the three siblings at such odds with one another. It made him wonder even more as to the why this was going on? What exactly had spurred on such a volatile response? He once again looks at his husband to gauge his reaction. Alec remains perfectly rigid, despite Magnus and now Jace who are staring at him with worry. Magnus knows perfectly well that Alec doesn't know what is fully going on with the three winged nephilim now. Jace could be an entirely different story though. He might be wondering why Alec doesn't put a stop to all this...

"I only left because I needed some time to myself." Daniel tells them both.

"Then why didn't you tell us that? Why not call?" Harry asks tentatively. The youngest is acting the most reasonable of the trio, trying not to spur on even more anger from either Pippa or Daniel.

"Yea. Why not call?" Pippa jeers in agreement, which certainly isn't helping the situation at all. Those fiery wings seem almost lit fully with powerful essence. It weaves around each wingtip to cascade down into her primaries.

"I forgot okay! That's all there is to it. I'm-I'm sorry." Daniel sighs. He voice takes on a distant edge at he stares in Pippa's direction without really looking at her at all. Almost as though he was staring at something else entirely. "You know how much I miss Sara. I-it hurts. It hurts a lot." He mutters forlornly.

Pippa's anger finally peters out upon hearing this while Harry seems relieved that his siblings have finally stopped fighting each other. Magnus wouldn't be surprised if the two eldest had been at each other's throats long before they got to the party, judging by how angry they clearly were.

He expects more apologies and maybe even a few hugs between the three, but that train of thought is crashed when another voice decides to speak up. This voice is right beside him, one that he knows just as good as his own at this point. Alec is quiet as he speaks. The sadness in his voice is unmistakable, so much so that it reverberates throughout the whole room with its somber after-note it leaves in everyone's hearts.

"Daniel, Pippa, Harry, why didn't you tell me about Sara? Why didn't you tell me I have another daughter?"

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