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   Chapter 10 A Name Left Long Unspoken

An Uncertain Present By Grace Estellar Characters: 13368

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***Alec's POV***

Dream Sequence...

Alec walks down the forest path, his feet catching on the low hanging branches from the bushes lining it. He had been walking for some time now, unsure as to where he was going. Sharp rocks and thorns jabbed at his feet that were surprisingly barefoot. Pinpricks of pain shot through his body, but they did not deter Alec from his course.

Why am I here?

This was the same place he had met that little girl last time. Alec had hoped to see her again. Unfortunately, the Angel had yet to stumble upon her; however, he did hear a strange chittering in the wind. It was almost bird-like, but upon closer inspection it was the hushed sound of whispers. They were hard to make out. The atmosphere of the foggy forest was making it difficult to hear anything at all.

Like the last time he had been here, the space was hard to navigate. There were many winding paths. None of them seemed to lead anywhere from what he could see. It's like an endless maze in here. Like there's no way out. The thought of this being a possibility made him shudder. He tries to reassure himself by thinking that it was impossible for him to get lost in his own mind, only for his heart to plummet when he recalls a certain incident a few years ago.

"Entreat me not to leave thee, or return from following after me."

Alec knows that the use of the Adamas stone to track Jace had been a very particular circumstance that entailed an unlikely accordance of events. It was so rare for a Shadowhunter to lose himself or herself inside their mind, but it had happened, and it had frightened him.

I never want to go through that again. And besides, I'm an Angel now. An archangel at that, I don't think that kind of thing can happen to me now. Plus, as this is my memory, I don't think anything to crazy can happen say some live changing revelation.

If only he knew how wrong he was.

" You're wrong, you're all wrong! She can't be gone! She just can't!"

The sound of an anguished voice makes Alec turn to the right. Where a patch of trees had once laid was now a scene commemorating something from long ago. There is the three winged nephilim. They are in a moonlit clearing, their bodies bathing in the silver light. Alec takes a step towards them, only to pause as he realizes what sits right around them.

Bodies lay haphazardly in the undergrowth. Dark, ichor like blood floods from the dead. The liquid stains the earth a putrid black. Alec feels his own eyes widening in horror as he recognizes the sharp lumps of wings lying on the ground with them. These are the fallen! But, who exactly are my kids mourning...

Alec thought at first that it might be him, but Daniel had said she, not he. So, the question was who in the world had just died? It must've been someone important. I don't think I've ever seen Daniel so upset, or Pippa and Harry for that matter. Indeed the three siblings were sobbing. Pain and misery came out of them in droves, so much so that his own eyes wanted to water.

"You're not supposed to be here." Alec turns at the sound of a small, childlike voice. The little girl is back once more. However, her dress is now a faded gray-black, much like the remnants of the hard fought battle scattered on the ground.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean? This is my memory right?"

Not wanting the little girl to see the carnage (even though he has a feeling she probably already has at this point) one of his wings stretches out to obscure her view. The normally shiny white feathers seem to be made dull by the devastating atmosphere presented here.

The little girl shakes her head. Those big hazel eyes seem wise beyond her years. Alec has a horrible feeling this child knows exactly what is going on. It makes him sick inside to think that she might've dealt with such sorrow at such a young age.

"No. This is not your memory, but..."

"But what?" He hinges on the word like it was the key to something s

lizes that the objects they were carrying were babies. By the look of things they were twins.

Whose are they....?

He was slack jawed when Remiel unwittingly answered his question. The red haired woman was smiling so lovingly at the children as her husband pressed sweet kisses to each of their little foreheads. The Archangel's hands glow with faint magic as he runs his hands down their backs, where tiny wings are nestled. One set is a deep black of an endless night- Daniel's unmistakably- the other a soft pearlescent pinkish-white that reminds him of the strong of pearls his mother wears around her neck from time to time.

"They are the first children of an Archangel. Our I think it fitting that they have names from Heaven."

Veronica had no qualms with this. Judging by her agreeing nod and glittering green eyes this was something the pair had talked about before to great length. The little children slept on, unaware of the conversation at hand. And unaware of how much Alec's mind was being blown. His heart races as he tries to process what exactly is going on. The new angel struggles to come to the realization of what lies in front of him now.

"Whatever you think is best."

"Yes. So, our son will be named Daniel, " that large calloused hand of Remiel's rested neatly on top of the baby boy's forehead. A soft blue light flows out of it. "He will be a strong leader, a guiding force that can use the ties that bind."

"And what of our daughter?" Veronica asks.

Remiel continues to smile. "Her name shall be Sariel, or Sara for short." He moves his free hand to rest on her little head. The baby turns slightly at the touch, but does not stir awake. "She will be the resolve that keeps everyone going, determined not to fail. Her gift will be seeing the possibilities of reality. All that the future holds will be possible for her to uncover."

At this point Alec's mind was filled with numb shock. The couple, ignorant of his presence disappears back into memory, taking their children with them. Still numb Alec turns to the little girl -Sara- with his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

"I-I h-h-ave..." Alec tumbled on the words. His tongue felt heavy in his mouth so he had to slowly enunciate each word with care. "I...I have another daughter?"

Little Sara gives a small nod. She says nothing to him though, despite the look of longing stretched out on her face. Alec tries to reach out to her, but in that next moment everything fades.

And Alec returns to the waking world once more, that unspoken name that had been long forgotten coming out on the tip of his tongue as everything fades.


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