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   Chapter 9 Moonlight Proposal

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****Daniel's POV****

His wings felt heavy by the time he landed in the house for the night. Daniel felt a nervous energy racking his frame, as it has for the past week now. He could not say why, but something was telling him that there was danger on the horizon. Perhaps it's Raziel's warning finally coming to pass. But what enemy is out there? Who is my Father supposed to fight? It unnerved him to think that it might be the very fallen angels his twin sister had sacrificed herself to destroy them all. Everything inside him boiled in anger at the mere idea, no, possibility (because that is what it was at this point) that they could be back.

"The Dark Order, if they are back...then they'll pay for what they've done." His aching hands clench tightly at his sides, turning his knuckles a pale white at the strain. "I'll make sure of it."

It is with this in mind that Daniel had decided to go to the Lightwood Manor that night instead of returning back to his home in Italy. He knew that his siblings would have questions for him about his whereabouts, but right now he could not be bothered to care. I'll text them that I'm okay. That's all they really need to know.

Daniel did know that text would only be halfway true. It had been almost two days now since he had talked to his father. The fact that Alec inadvertently had learned about Sara without actually learning about her at all tugged at his heart strings. They had been placed long ago out of tune in concerns to Sara, so they played a sad twang that just made him ache all over.'re go- he wouldn't dare allow himself to finish that thought, not while his parabatai rune still burns on his abdomen. There was no explanation as to why this rune still sent pain swarming in his veins from time to time. Daniel had his own theory though: Sara was punishing him for failing her. Pippa would tell him he was being ludicrous, and Harry would likely just do that sad puppy look he always made when something upset him. Daniel didn't need their pity, didn't want it either.

But with each passing year I still get it. Some things never change.

Silently he walks through the halls of the manor. Those black wings get dragged around like dead weight through the halls. They are sweat damp from so much flying, leaking out trickles of body fluid onto the floor. Despite Daniel's occasional visits here, the place was still covered in layers of dust. Plenty of the furniture was covered in the pale yellow tarp that would normally be layered on stuff in an attic to keep it mint condition.

Daniel could fondly remember the many decades he had spent living here. He can see each slab of stone, every slate of wood, and each smile of all the people he lived with while here. Daniel can see his wife, Harmony with all her grace and tenderness. No one had ever moved in the way she could, with each footfall like a small caress of the earth. Her eyes had been endless pools of green, the fountained into a truth he could never grasp. She had always been something more, a bright light in his universe. Daniel had grieved her terribly when she'd passed on. The same had been done when his daughter and two sons had died too. Those were some of his worst days, those deaths a stabbing knife in his heart that made it spout with blood.

"I thought I might find you here." As he knows this voice, Daniel doesn't take a defensive stance as he turns around.

Armando is standing there, one unimpressed eyebrow raised as his arms remain crossed over his chest. It was his classic 'judging without saying anything' look. Out of all the faces Armando made this one was one of his least favorite, third to outright anger and tearful sadness. After knowing each other for so long, Daniel had likely seen all Armando's emotions, but sadness was always the worst of all.

If I could I'd make sure you never had anything to be sad about again.

Considering what an emotional mess he himself is however, Daniel finds it highly unlikely he'd be of much help to his friend, even if he knew Armando would reassure him otherwise.

"Well, now that you've found me, you can leave." He grunts.

Daniel knows perfectly well why Armando is here. That subject weighs heavy in the air, a water balloon hanging from a thin thread. Just who might drop it to make the splash Daniel was unsure, but he was determined for it not to be him. I've never been good at talking about my feelings after all.

"Daniel, isolating yourself won't do you any good." Armando begins.

"Oh, how quick of you to assume? Maybe I'm just taking some time for self-reflection. Kids these days would call it "finding the real me"." Daniel explains with a wave of his hand.

Armando snorts. "You and I both know that if you haven't found yourself after almost eight hundred years, it's likely you never will."

"Au contraire my dear friend, I think the only way we can really find ourselves is if we actually go looking. Arguably, I've never looked before, so now is the perfect time." Daniel goes over to one of the tarp covered couches and plops down. The cushions rustle with the movement, letting him sink down into the plush material.

Armando joins him without any invitation. They sit shoulder to shoulder, staring out at the dust covered floor in silence. Daniel rubs at his wrists, an old habit he really needs to stop doing. Sometimes, the need for a release in tension was just too much for him. His head felt clouded with too many thoughts to process in one day and his heart kept on aching with its unruly pain. When will you stop hurting me? When will all this end? Some questions have no real answers. If there are any to these, well, Daniel has not found them yet.

"Daniel I know that you're upset. That this time of year is always hard for you." Armando tries to start the conversation up again.

Daniel is torn between smacking him and kissing him. It was not often that he did something fueled by his own wants, his own needs. Gray areas, for lack of a better term, did not hold much weight in his mind, but Armando always fell into that category. He let his walls down around him, so much so that it scares him at times. And that is why rejection from Armando hurt so much more than from anyone else. Only one time in their shared history together had Daniel been rejected by Armando. It had been perhaps one of the worst days of his entire life.

It had been the day that Daniel had so foolishly asked Armando out. And what a mistake that had been.... some thoughts were best not to dwell on. That was one of them.

"So what's your point? Don't you dare suggest I see a therapist. I have enough problems as it is without someone psycho analyzing my brain for all the flaws in there. And we both know there are a lot of them."

Daniel is taken off guard when Armando cups his face with one hand and directs him to stare straight back at him. Those amber eyes are dark pools of brownish-burgundy in the darkness of the manor. The lights were all off still, casting long shadows on the floors. Starry light was all that provided sight here, unless Daniel t

Angel's threats alleviated the tension in his shoulders.

Normally those threats would scare the living daylights out of him, but today they just reminded him of how important this evening really was, not just for him and Isabelle, but for everyone else too. Soon enough we'll all be family. And family doesn't give up on each other, even if they're scared of rejection. With these thoughts in mind, Simon lets out a shuddering breath before rising from the table to take a few steps back. The ring in his pocket weighs heavily, just waiting to be placed on Izzy's ring finger. Isabelle looks at him funnily, still not knowing what was going on at this dinner tonight; what Simon's true intentions are.

"Isabelle, for the longest time I was in love with my best friend. I thought Clary was the only person I would ever truly love and that was that. But, I realized after meeting you how wrong I was." Isabelle opens her mouth to say something, but Simon places one finger on her lips, a gesture to be quiet so he can get what he needs to say out. His girlfriend gives a small nod, and lets him continue.

"Meeting you was an eye opening experience that shocked me to my core. The world was opened up to me in a way it had never been before, leaving me breathless and terrified out of my mind. The rug had been yanked out from underneath, face planting me into the chaos of war. I lost my way at first, still searching for what I couldn't have." Simon knew Isabelle would understand he was talking about becoming a vampire and being in a relationship with Clary for that brief amount of time. She offers him a sympathetic smile that warms his heart that beats on overdrive.

"It was only once I gained my footing again I met someone else, only to find out that she wasn't right for me either." Here he was referencing to Maia and the disagreements they had. The two would always remain friends but they both knew that a relationship was not an option for them.

" And after that the world turn into a nightmare for me as I felt like I was losing everything and everyone." He takes a shuddering breath again, overcome by the emotion those memories brought. "But, through all of that there was always someone by my side. Someone who I could always count on, and believed in me even when I felt lost, alone and unsure. That person was you Izzy."

"Simon I-" The next words are stuck in Izzy's throat as she too is overwhelmed by emotion. Simon can see it in the misting of her dark brown eyes. In the way her lip trembles with lost words unable to come out. He raises up a stilling hand to let himself continue.

"I understand now that I can never know what will come next for us. But if there's one thing I do know it's that I want you to always be with me. Each day I want to spend with you. Pain and sorrow, joy and happiness, I want to share it all with you. You're my everything Isabelle. And that's why" it is in this moment that he gets down on one knee, eliciting a gasp from Izzy. "I'm asking you now, will you marry me Isabelle Lightwood? Marry me and make me the happiest man alive."

He pulls out the ring box, opening it up to show the beautiful ring inside. It was made of an adamas infused platinum material to give off a sparkling resilient sheen. Five diamonds are embedded in the metallic band, with the one in the middle that stands out with its purity and fine cut wonder. A few smaller sapphire gems are cut into the ring too, nestled in between the diamonds. And, of course Isabelle can't see it, but a special inscription is carved in the inner band of the ring. An inscription that reads 'Forever yours, Simon'. It was a promise to always be there, even before they got married.

Isabelle stands up stiffly in shock, her eyes widened and her lips in that 'o' shape. Simon feels tension riddling his shoulders and legs. It weighs him down like a heavy anchor would a ship. He waits with baited breath for Isabelle's response. What she says next could make or break his heart. It was simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating for someone to have that power over him.

"Simon, " Isabelle breathes out his name with a reverence that startled him. She grabs at him, her hands wrapping around his own. Her eyes glimmer with happy tears. "Yes. A thousand times yes!" Simon shoots up to his feet at that, allowing the two to share a passionate kiss. Everything shines with extra light in this beautiful moment as Isabelle slides the ring on her finger and gives him a loving smile that makes his heart beat even faster.

This moment is perfect, and Simon never wants it to end. And neither does Isabelle, if her spilling tears and endless kisses are anything to go by.

We're going to get married. I can't believe it!

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