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   Chapter 8 Shopping for Demons Nope.

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****Magnus's POV****

Magnus had been ecstatic to hear the news that Simon wanted to propose to Isabelle, even if he did forget the former vampire's name what felt like half of the time (and in Alec's words was most all of the time). He'd been so pleased that he had convinced Simon to let him come along ring shopping with him and Alec. Jace had declined the offer to come to, seeing as if he bailed out of his scheduled training session with Isabelle she would be guaranteed to get suspicious. Magnus suspects that Jace also just wanted to avoid shopping for jewelry so he had taken the quickest excuse he could think of to get out of it.

After nine shops with no success, Magnus had taken them to one of his favorite shops right in the heart of Paris. Simon and Alec looked like lost puppies in the glamorous shop, trailing behind Magnus slowly as they took everything in. The interior was decorated with red-gold wallpaper, with lines of carefully painted holly leaves rimming the top and bottom. The shelves were a luminous white-blue, perfect for showing off the many crafts on display. Attendants rushed to and fro to help out the shoppers there. Reefs hung in every corner of the room, and a few of those miniature Christmas trees sat on the tables that housed necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Magnus absolutely loved coming here. He felt right at home amongst the glitz and glam.

"Ah, Paris. It really has been too long since I last visited." He says with a sigh. "I can still remember the good old days when France was the trendsetter for all European fashion."

"Really? When were you in Paris?" Simon asks. The Shadowhunter wasn't looking directly at him, instead examining a set of diamond studded pearl earrings. The diamonds were tear drop shaped, the little pearl sitting right above them.

"By the Angel, Magnus please don't tell him..." Alec trails off.

Considering all the things that Magnus had told his husband about his past adventures in Paris, it took him a minute to figure out what particular instant he was referring too. Admittedly talking about Cassanova while shopping for an engagement ring wasn't exactly the best idea. So Magnus focuses on another fond memory instead.

"Oh pup, I was going to talk about Marie Antoinette. She was a rather brash woman, though still just as beautiful as the papers claimed her to be." He recalls the woman fondly, though Magnus would say that their brief moment of companionship was somewhat ruined by the fact he was helping her escape from the palace.

Alec chuffs. "Don't call me pup. Especially not in front of him." He mutters. Those cheeks are a soft red now. Magnus wonders how much teasing it will take for that redness to spread up to Alexander's ears. In the privacy of their own home, it usually took a few minutes.

Simon ignores the pet name and Alec's muttering to continue the conversation. "You met the Queen of France from the French Revolution! What was she like?"

The eagerness that Sheldon had served as encouragement for Magnus to continue, despite the eye roll Alec gave him. As his husband, Alexander had heard about his time with Marie Antoinette already. Consequently, he also knew about Magnus's crush of the time: Axel. That discussion had resulted from several shots of tequila and what looked like an endless basket of sweet chili hot wings.

"Well, she was lovely. But I think the most important thing about her was that she was brave, even at the end of her life." Magnus knows just as well how the queen had ultimately been beheaded, her young son Louis not even making it to adulthood. The French Revolution had resulted in a great many deaths. Magnus did not know which death he found the saddest, that of the queen's or dear Axel's, the man dying for a cause he believed in that ultimately did not succeed.

"We're getting off topic. Let's find a ring for Simon so he can propose to Isabelle." Alec shoots Simon what Magnus can only describe as a frigid glare that gets Simon's full attention. "You better give her the perfect proposal, you hear. And be a good husband to her too."

"Haha, of course I will Alec. I promise." Simon says nervously. Magnus couldn't blame him for being intimidated by Alec. My Alexander really is scary, bossy, intimidating, and murderous on occasion. Oh, and always so sooo hot. All those things- except the obvious in murderous- were great assets in the bedroom, something Magnus new from personal experience and would likely never forget.

Not after he's blown my mind so many times. Just picturing those erotic episodes made him happily smile. Magnus really does love Alec, of that there's no doubt.

"Now that we've gotten another threat out of the way....Sakura, come check out this table hear." Magnus beckons Simon to join him by the ring stand he had stopped at. Several dazzling bands of silver, gold, bronze and platinum rest there. Jewels of amethyst, diamond, sapphire, ruby and so much more are embedded in them sporadically.

"My name isn't Sakura..." Simon mutters as he walks over to join the sparkly warlock.

Despite being in a jewelry store, Alec found his husband to still be the most extravagant thing in the room. The Indonesian man was dressed in slimming black jeans that stuck to all corners, a studded ruby belt was wrapped around his waist with a diamond encrusted 'M' as the buckle. The shirt he wore was a velvet red with rhinestones decorating flame like patterns down towards his waist. Of course these were outshined however by the sequin silver vest Magnus wore, and the entourage of necklaces jangling down from his neck to his rib cage. His hands were perhaps the least decorated, the only rings Magnus wore being his wedding ring band and the Lightwood ring that represents both his engagement to Alec and his full membership in the Lightwood family for all eternity.

"You have given me a great gift Alexander. A gift of always belonging to a family."

Alec can remember fondly the night when Magnus said those words to him. It had been the second night of their honeymoon. Both of them had been rather sappy after spending most of the entirety of their first honeymoon day consummating their marriage. Those tender actions in golden sheets had translated into the most lovely words as kisses were lazily traded from dusk until dawn.

With that memory in mind, Alec walks over to join his companions. He presses up against Magnus's back with the ease of two puzzle pieces slotting into place. Behind him his wings tremble with ecstatic pleasure from being so close to Magnus, making it a very lucky thing that they were both safely glamoured at the moment. Don't want to attract unnecessary attention after all. Magnus could still feel the tremble of course, so in response he turned his head slightly to press a chaste kiss to Alec's jaw that leaves him feeling warm. His hands snake around his husband eagerly as they stare down together at the shining wares kept behind the sanctuary of glass walls.

"See anything you like?" Alec gruffly asks Simon.

Patience wasn't exactly his forte when it came to shopping, though he did make an exception whenever he was with Magnus and his sister Isabelle. Simon, however, was not among that list. Alec already felt impatience running along his wings to make the feathers rustle.

Magnus makes a small clicking noise of discontent. "Alexander, you need to give him some time. Best not to rush this sort of thing." His husband caresses his hands gently in attempt for Alec to calm. It works to somewhat of a degree though not enough for him to feel completely sated.

"Hmm...they all look so good. I wonder which one Izzy would pick if she were here?" Simon ponders aloud to no one in particular. He was staring intently at the rings, his eyes reflecting the dazzling silver light the gems produced.

Alec, who already knew quite well which one of the twenty rings here Isabelle would pick, snorts at Simon's lack of clarity. This was the tenth ring shop they had come to today, and this constant speculation from Simon over half of the rings they'd seen was getting on his last nerve. His hazel eyes had been flicking to blue on more than one occasion today. Heaven's wrath is tucked away inside of him, just waiting to get unleashed. Magnus had been the only one to notice the way Alec had become increasingly more stiff, so he'd been using some of his magic to keep him calm. Unfortunately, there was only so much magic could do.

So Simon better hurry up and figure things out, or else....

"How much longer is this going to take?" Alec says to Simon, who shrugs timidly.



Tentacuflit demon?" He asks the redhead standing beside him. Clary was analyzing the scene through narrowed eyes, deciding where she should strike first. On Alec's other side, Magnus was doing the same thing, his red magic crackling in his hands.

"Sure." Was all she said before rushing at the demon with both her kindjals drawn to fight.

"What about us?" Magnus asks over the screams of the mundanes. Alec can't help but admire Magnus's battle stance. All those muscles taught with tension, ready for the fight that would commence momentarily.

"We need to rescue those mundanes in the bus and fight off the Acriux demon before its partner gets here." Alec tells him.

"Alright, I'll handle the demon, you can handle the bus." Magnus said. He's about to rush off, but Alec grabs at his arm, his heart squeezing with worry.

"Are you sure you'll be able to handle it? We've only fought this creature once before, who knows what it might have up its sleeve." Alec voices his concerns.

Magnus lets out a small, cheery laugh. "Silly pup, demons don't have sleeves."

Alec rolls his eyes, slightly taken aback by his husband's humor in the midst of such danger. This is no time for joking around. What if you get hurt? I can't let that happen Magnus. I just can't.

"Magnus, I'm being serious." He murmurs.

Magnus nods. "And so am I. Everything will be just fine. Now, go do your job Angel."

"I will. Stay safe kitten."

Alec pecks his husband on the cheek before running off, leaving Magnus to fight against the Acriux demon. He ignores the squelching sounds behind him as they're no doubt from Clary who was slicing the Tentacuflit demon to ribbons with several lashes of her dual blades. Ichor sprays into the air. It coats the atmosphere with a demonic reek that makes his stomach want to empty its contents onto the pavement.

He forces the bile welling in his throat as he reaches the bus. As Alec knows he can't reveal himself to the Mundanes, he finds himself grappling at the bumper of the car. Once he gets a good grip on it Alec begins to slowly pull the bus back up the bridge inch by inch. His wings flap behind him with the effort, loosing their regular glamour that hid them from Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

Good thing that none of them are here that don't know about them already. Though it is too bad I'm not at full strength yet. If he was, Alec would have no problem lifting even a hundred buses up into the air. As this is not the case, Alec finds himself grunting with effort. Sweat beads down his forehead as the occupants of the bus rush to the back to see what is pulling the, back up onto the bridge. Alec can only imagine the sight that will meet their eyes. They very likely will just think of it as a trick of the wind. I hope...

His hands are aching by the time he finally pulls the bus fully onto the bridge. The tires are badly damaged, but otherwise the vehicle looks relatively okay, making it not a safety hazard. The last thing we need is for it to catch on fire.

Luckily the mundanes have the common sense to make their way out of the bus and make their way down the sidewalk away from the danger. Deciding that the other mundanes need help too, Alec quickly swoops over to the two cars stacked on top of each other. He pulls out the three people from the cars before depositing them on the sidewalk too. If they notice him, they don't say anything. They continue to scream as they runaway, thankfully from the demons.

They might be a tad traumatized....oh well....they should be more thankful they're not dead....

His thoughts are broken by the sound of a loud screech behind him.


Alec turns around just in time to see the Acriux demon right behind him. The demon is dripping with fresh ichor, black puddles sloshing on the ground. It's wings that are capable of slicing through steal are raised up threateningly. Those bird like claws are poised to strike. Alec has no time to react, his heart plunging into his stomach with dread.

"DON'T TOUCH MY ALEXANDER!" A voice roars with pure rage.

Alec watches with transfixed shock and awe as the demon disintegrates into nothingness after a huge fire ball of magic light is shot right at it. Ichor is all that remains of the once fearsome creature now. Alec lets out a shuddering exhale in attempt to calm his rapidly beating heart. Magnus, who had obviously struck down the monster, rushes over to him with a worried look on his face. Clary is a few footsteps behind him. The redhead had witnessed the whole thing from a few paces away.

"Alexander darling, are you okay?" Magnus grips Alec's face in his hands, examining him for any injuries.

"Is Alec alright?" Clary chirps out her own question. She seems winded by the fight but exhilarated all the same, her cheeks flushed and eyes bright.

"I'm fine." Alec murmurs. "Thanks to you, that is." He tells his husband sincerely.

Magnus makes a noise of approval in his throat. "I'm glad you're okay. Don't scare me like that again though, you hear."

"Yes. I do." He then leans forward to kiss Magnus, who gladly returns the affection. They wrap their arms around each other, content to press close to one another. Alec can feel his wings wrapping around them both. The movement puts them in a cocoon of safety and warmth that he feels like he wouldn't mind staying in for all eternity.

"Uh. I hate to interrupt? But shouldn't we be getting going now that the danger has passed." Clary said.

The couple reluctantly breaks apart. "Yes." Magnus agrees. "Let's get back to the Institute then, shall we." The group returns to the Institute the exact same way they left it. Through a portal they go, the light of it winking out once they all step through.

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