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   Chapter 7 Talking it Out

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****Alec's POV****

It was work as usual for Alec Lightwood-Bane the next day. He sat down in his office with the practiced ease that came from going to and fro the same office most every day. As the holiday season was fast approaching, the room was decorated with all sorts of fall decorations. As Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, pumpkins and woven leaves were the mainstay in the room, though a careful eye could still spot where his husband had snuck in a few strands of golden bulbs. They were Christmas lights, but still the right color to match with the fall holiday that came before.

He was in the middle of over viewing a rather lengthy report from the Shang Hai Institute on the infestation of Ravener demons lurking in the sewer systems there. Normally such things would only be a minor issue, but this time ten Shadowhunters had been killed, along with twelve mundanes. The police are asking questions now, and it's up to us to keep them from learning about the Shadow World.

Letting cops learn about the Shadow World was never good idea. Too many good mundanes ended up dead that way. Like Luke's former partner Ollie, for example. Alec never personally knew the woman, but he was glad to hear that she and her girlfriend Sam were far away from the traumas they had faced back in New York. That, and apparently they now had two children, and were thinking about adopting a third.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Three thuds on the door caught Alec's attention, bringing him out of his thoughts. He set his papers aside to look at the calendar that laid underneath. Whenever he had an important appointment, that was where it would be marked down. But nothing was marked down for today, making him wonder just who exactly was at his door.

"Come in!" He called.

Alec shuffles the report back in front of him. It was best to look busy whenever guests came in. The last time someone came in and he hadn't been hard at work had been a visit from the ever so annoying Dearborn. Of course when the man had walked in on Alec who'd been in the middle of a phone call with his husband, he had hastily rushed to scrutinize him. It had been so annoying and it was the first of many times that he would've liked to punch the older man right in the mouth.

But alas, Alec had been raised to be proper. Meaning Dearborn would not be getting punched, even if he really really really did deserve it. And he did.

He was surprised to see Simon walk into the room. The new Shadowhunter looked rather nervous to be there, which filled Alec with a certain pleasure. Of course, Alec thought of Simon as they best guy for Izzy, he only gave Simon a hard time because he was Isabelle's older brother.

And he can never find out that's the reason why. Not until he's in too deep to go back. And by in too deep, Alec meant about sometime happily married and a child along the way. Because nothing says commitment like children.

This reminded him of Magnus. He had been so happy that his husband had accepted Daniel, Pippa and Harry into their family, despite them not being technically his own. It made their future together seem even more promising. Alec knew it was a little to early to be thinking about children, but he couldn't help but imagine what Magnus would be like as a father.

I know he has his doubts, but I think he'd be just brilliant. I'll have to bring it up again...well, once everything settles down that is.

Something told him that things were bound to be hectic soon, especially when he considers why he was reincarnated in the first place: to fight some unknown evil. Alec hadn't the slightest clue as to when that would be, but he figured it would be soon. That's just how these timings seemed to work.

"Alec! I was hoping you'd be here. You're assistance said you didn't have any meetings today, which is great because I'm no good at small talk in lobbies. Wait, do Shadowhunters even have lobbies in their buildings? I've never seen one at the Institute, but one can never be certain." Simon's incessant babble was expected, but no less grating to his ears. Just how does my sister put up with it? That's what I'd like to know.

It is with heavy reluctance that he moves the paperwork aside. Looking over a report on murders would have to come later. There was no way he'd be able to get work done while Simon was here. He had tried that the last time Simon had visited him....and needless to say the attempt had been unsuccessful.

"Simon, what are you doing here?" Alec levels Simon with a casual steel glare that he knows will makes the former vampire sweat. Sometimes he just has too much fun messing with him. So much so, that he just has to continue on. "Not getting enough Lightwood attention perhaps? I wouldn't think so, considering how I caught you and Isabelle in the guest bedroom at last week's party."

He could remember that incident a little too well. Simon and Izzy had been passionately making out when he walked in (after knocking with no answer, mind you) looking for Chairman. The couple was being rather hands on that day, on their way to doing something far more....sensual. It hadn't ended up happening, obviously, but Alec had still felt he needed to bleach his brain after seeing such a spectacle.

Simon also clearly remembers that incident as his cheeks flame red. "Haha no, Izzy and I are doing great. And...Uh, I'm still really sorry about that. We both had a little too much to drink and well...." He gestured aimlessly, as though the action somehow explained everything. Alec rolls his eyes, the color in them flickering from hazel to blue for a few seconds. Simon spots the change, but says nothing about it.

"I'll ask again, why are you here Simon? I was in the middle of a report, so if whatever you need to tell me can wait I should be getting back to it. I do have a deadline after all."

"Hahah Yea I'm can wa-" Simon cuts himself off mid sentence, as though he'd realized something through the haze of his normal response. Alec raises an eyebrow, unimpressed. "Wait, no it can't. It really can't wait. There's-there's something I need to tell you Alec, and it can't wait."

Judging by the seriousness in Simon's tone, whatever he needed to say had to be pretty important. Alec rose from his chair silently. His wings became visible now, a few feathers cascading to the ground the way they sometimes did. Pippa had told him it was completely normal for his corporeal wings to molt once in awhile, just like a bird's would. Alec had been slightly annoyed at the news, but Magnus had been rather excited. Apparently Angel feathers were extremely useful in spells and potions. That was why the Inquisitor now kept a rather large bin behind his desk to deposit them all in each day to bring home in the evening.

"Does this have to do with Izzy? Nothing's going on, is there? Because if you hurt her-"

"I know, I know, you'll beat me up, and so will Jace. And Izzy will walk all over me in her nine inch stilettos. We've already had this talk about a thousand times." At Alec's frown, Simon hastily adds on. "And I would never hurt Izzy. Not ever."

"You better not." Alec grumbles.

ound, so why don't they just get on with it?

Pippa lets out a sigh. "Sadly no. His news wasn't the positive type." She folds her hands on the table, yanking subtly at the napkin that she held between two clasped palms.

"Why do I have a feeling I'm not gonna like this." Harry said.

"Because you won't. Apparently the negative readings have returned again." Pippa admits in the most nonchalant way she can. Harry can tell by the darkening in her eyes just what his sister is talking about, and it sends a heavy weight in his gut like a cold stone.

"Does that mean that they're...." Some thoughts should never be voiced out loud. Like in a horror movie, saying the words out in the open just made whatever deadly force was in question more likely to appear. So Harry swallows down the words, locking them away in his vocal chords.

Pippa knows exactly what he's getting at regardless. She shakes her head angrily, a few strands of her red hair swaying with the movement. Normally Pippa would wear her hair up if she'd just been cooking. Today it was down however, and it made the fiery woman's seething all the more apparent to the casual onlooker, or the younger brother who knew his sister's mood swings as well as all the weapons he'd forged over the year. And as a weapon's master, that was saying a lot. Daniel may be considered the most analytical of the three, but Harry still knew Pippa's emotions best. Possibly the only two people that could best him were Remiel, their father (back when he had his full memory) and Pippa's first husband. But only by a small margin, he told himself.

"No. It doesn't mean that." She snaps.

Harry shoots her a skeptical frown. "And how sure can you be about that?"

Pippa clenches her jaw tightly, gritting her teeth. "It doesn't matter how certain I am. There's no way that they're coming back. Sara have her life to stop them once and for all. They're gone Harry, we searched for any remnants of them for two whole years without finding anything. They are disbanded, end of story." She hisses out.

"Penelope...." Harry breathes out Pippa's full name. He knows that it will catch her attention, as he knows that teeth gritting is a sign of Pippa trying to push down what's really bothering her. "if you're really so certain they're gone, why are you bringing this up and not brushing it off?"

It felt like he was getting a weight off his chest as he said those words. They were completely honest on his part, something Harry felt he hadn't been able to do for some time. Being genuine could be so hard after so many centuries of life. The people who you could trust with everything were hard to find outside of family. Harry, who had grown up with a large family that had slowly been diminished to half its original size for a sizable stretch of time, was still floundering in his own pent up feelings. The desire to tell the truth was strong within his heart. Harry knew he'd be happy when it all came rushing out, even if some temporary derision came as a result.

But alas, Pippa and Daniel won't see it that way. They always feel responsible. They always take the blame.

When will it stop?

That was one question Harry had no answer to, and likely never would.

"I" She looks away, her eyebrows pinched together with hurt. The kind of hurt that came from pain that could not be dissuaded. Pippa never revealed just how much the loss of Sara hurt her, not truly, but in those brief moments Harry could see it, the years of sorrow accumulating in those leaf green eyes. "I don't know. I guess I'm just worried."

"About Daniel?" He made a guess.

Pippa nods. "Yes. From the sound of it, he knows about everything. Harry, you know how he feels about the Dark Order. You know as well as I do that if he believes they're still out there, he'll stop at nothing to find them. He'll do everything he can to finish Sara's last goal: to put a stop to the fallen once and for all."

Harry sighs. "I know. But what do you expect us to do about it? We couldn't stop him before when he hunted for them, what's to say that we can now?" He is the glass half full type of person, but even Harry knows his limitations.

"But this time is different Harry. With Da back and things reaching a state of normalcy, we should be able to talk him down. Convince him to quell the grief in his heart."

Harry makes a noncommittal noise. Daniel was the not the type to give up on his feelings, especially when they concerned his twin sister Sara. Pippa knows that, but she's too stubborn to admit to it.

Putting that thought aside, he straightens up in his seat. "So what do you suggest we do?"

A faint smile graces Pippa's lips. "I'm glad you asked."

Pippa indeed has a plan. The question is whether or not it will work.

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