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   Chapter 6 A Memory and a Candlelight Dinner

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****Daniel's POV****

His wings flail as he slams into the one of the cliff sides head on. Black feathers cascade away in the blustering wind. Daniel slides down onto the ground a few feet below, letting the pain ground him as his feet touch the ground lightly. Everything spins around him as black dots dance in his vision. Daniel has to resist the urge to vomit, his heart feels like it is beating much too fast inside his chest and the terrible nausea he feels does nothing to diminish this urge.

"Calm down Daniel. Just calm down." He tries telling himself. "Alec doesn't know yet. He....he doesn't know about Sara, he's just-" Daniel can feel his own breath catching in his throat. Red coils around in his vision like a maddened vice. He can relate to it, seeing as he is also feeling a little mad at this late hour.

The sun was making its descent into the sky. An orangish glow is casted onto the cliff side, making the earthy rocks look painted red. The grass below is covered in darkness with a foreboding shade. Daniel groans tiredly as he flops to the ground, his slightly stunned wings flopping with him in full extension. As he has the longest wingspan of his siblings, those black wing tips touched the nearby saplings that were growing on either side of him. The bark was surprisingly dry despite the heavy rain the forest had received not too long ago.

When his heartbeat started to careen to a slower pace now, Daniel started to talk to himself again. It was easy to speak his innermost thoughts when no one else was around. Just as easy as it was to contemplate them without any distraction from the outside world. There wasn't much on his agenda for the night, just dinner with his siblings: a casual family affair, seeing as Magnus and Alec would be going on their date night instead of joining them.

"Alec doesn't know about Sara. And until he does, things can still be okay. They can still be okay..." He tries to tell himself.

But that's not true, is it? It hasn't been true since almost six years ago now. Back when she was killed from the acts of the fallen.

Daniel would rather not think about that day. In truth, there were a lot of things he'd rather never think about again. And so, he tries to focus on something that will ease his soul. The first thing that comes to mind is the memory Alec so vaguely referred to earlier. The memory of his sister when she was just a small child. He, like her had been six years of age. Things had been so much easier back then.

Memory Sequence....

"Daniel come on! Da says we can finally meet the new baby!" Sara yanks at him with her small hands and pudgy fingers, tugging at his loose blue shirt.

The two twins had been playing in the backyard all morning. At first they had taken the time to watch the resident turtles as they slowly walked over to a puddle from last night's rain. Father had told them not to pick up the slow moving duo, as they weren't fond of their directions being altered little children (or anyone else for that matter). So instead of scooping them up, Sara would cheer as they neared the water source. Daniel just watched them with studious blue eyes, mapping out the reptiles' steps over loose rocks and damp ferns.

After that, some time had been spent picking out flowers for their little sister Penelope. The small redhead wasn't allowed to play with them today as she had a case of the sniffles. So Sara had suggested they pick her some get well flowers which resulted in several little daisies sitting on the windowsill to be taken inspire later.

This all led to the last thing they'd done: rolling around in the grass. Daniel personally did not see the benefit in it, but had went along with Sara's silliness just to make her happy. The two could hardly fly with their downy wings as of yet, making running and rolling around the fastest activities available to them at the time.

His soft black wings felt uncomfortable from the flopping around, as did his battered frame. The gray down that still clung to the appendages was pushed down by splatters of mud that were also visible on Sara's dress. The once cheery sunflower pattern of it was covered in dirt and a few clumps of mud.

"Sara, I wanna meet him too, but won't Mamma be mad if we come in covered with mud?" To emphasize this he gestures at her muddy dress and his own wings. Sara's whitish pink wings were also covered in the muck, though somehow they still kept their sparkling sheen.

"Huh. Maybe Dan Dan, but I don't wanna miss seeing our little bro. So c'mon!" She yanks at him again.

"Ugh! If you insist Sariel." He used her full name with a small, annoyed whine. It was the name their father had given her, yet it was never the one that was used. Something about it not sounding normal enough. "If you insist."

This time Daniel lets himself be reluctantly pulled towards their home. Father greets them at the door with a glowing smile on his face. It was the same one he'd had when Pippa was born a few years back. Though it did take a dip into a frown when he notices the filthy state his eldest chil

t, do they?" Magnus muses.

"I suppose you have a point about them being adults. It's not like they need to be raised or anything. But no, I think they can always use our support. And if they don't see you as a parental figure yet, them I'm sure they will with time." Alec said.

"Hmm, I suppose you're right." Magnus took another bite of spaghetti. A basket of bread rolls sat in front of them. There were very few in the pile as most of them had already been eaten with the soup they had earlier.

"Yea. And, let's not forget, when we decide to adopt our own children someday, in the near future hopefully, I'm sure you'll be a wonderful Dad." Alec murmurs.

"Ha I don't know if I'd go that far. Plus, I think that should wait until everything slows down a bit first." Magnus said with uncertainty. "And, we were talking about Daniel remember. What exactly were you saying about him again? That he ran off?"

Alec nods, taking a gulp of champagne. "Yes. I had this dream about this little girl. I told you about her remember?"

"Oh yes, I remember. She was wearing that same dress again. It sounds a bit plain if you ask me." Magnus mused.

Alec rolls his eyes. Of all the times his fashionista husband would focus on clothing, now was not the right time. "That's besides the point Mags. The problem is when I asked him about her he freaked out."

"Huh. I wonder why he did that." Magnus said.

"That's what I've been wondering!" Alec exclaimed in exasperation. "She has to be someone important, otherwise he wouldn't have flipped out. So what do you think I should do?"

Magnus shrugs. "It's hard to say. Alexander, you have to remember that you're new to immortality. Daniel and his siblings aren't, so it's likely they have history that we wouldn't even know about yet."

"You have a should I pester him about it further? That's the real question." Alec wants answers. He didn't quite understand why, but he knew this girl -whomever she may be- just had to be important. The feeling in his gut told him that it connects to him too for some reason.

"Alexander...I don't think you should. If he really is that uncomfortable about it, I think it might be best to just wait until he's ready to talk to you." Magnus tells him.

"I suppose you're right." Alec lets out a tired sigh. "I just hope I'm making the right choice."

He had the sinking feeling in his gut that this was the wrong choice. But knowing their world, it was highly unlikely whatever secret Daniel was hiding wouldn't be revealed soon enough. They would have all of eternity now to find out after all, something that was as amazing as it was disconcerting to think about.

"Alexander, I'm sure everything will be just fine. Now, how about we finish dinner." Magnus said raising his glass in a toast. The candles sitting on the tabletop flickered with their golden light, shimmering with a sheen akin to the glow along Alec's white wings.

Alec lets out a chuckle, raising his own glass to clink his husband's own. "You read my mind husband. You read my mind."

For the rest of the night, Alec and Magnus shared a delightful dinner together. Once that was done they enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath before going to bed. He forgot about his troubles for the rest of the night, content to just enjoy being with his husband.

Hopefully, those troubles could just wait for a little while longer.

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