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   Chapter 2 Watch Out!!!!

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At the Loft in Alicante....

*****Magnus's POV*****

He pays extra attention on pulling the tie through the last loop, nestling the thing snuggly against his husband's throat. Alec stands in his usual soldier stance in front of him, though his hands fiddle around behind him, as does the wings framing him on both sides.

Before they'd gotten married, Magnus had believed his Alexander to be a silent type. It wasn't a bad assumption as Alec often was rigid, authoritative and a man of little words unless spoken to. What he had not realized at the time was that instead of words, Alec would often express himself through actions. Casual touches, hugs and kisses were all Alec's way of showing he cared. So Magnus understood that the way Alec's wings reached out towards him was their way of expressing Alexander's desire to be close to him.

"The guests should be here shortly. Are you sure everything is ready?" Magnus asks Alec as he finishes up with the tie. This one is a vibrant sapphire blue that matches well with the glowing blue Alec's eyes sometimes take on.

Magnus finds the new eye color ravishingly handsome. He always did have a thing for handsome men with blue eyes after all. Alec seemed a little on the fence about the occasional eye color change, but his husband's opinion on the matter had ebbed away at the uncertainty he still held.

Alec places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Mags, I'm sure everything will be fine. We've already double checked everything so nothing should go wrong."

"Ah, but there's the key word Alexander. Should. You never can be certain that'll hold through." Magnus chides.

"Hmm, I suppose you're not wrong. We can check again if you'd like?" Alec asks.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Magnus and Alec both perk up at the knocking sound from the front door. The thuds resonated with the black painted wood, allowing the noise to be heard from just about anywhere in the house. It could be a bit annoying when they were trying to enjoy a quiet evening in only to be interrupted. How might you ask were they interrupted? Well, let's just say their occasional neighbors (because yes, the whole building was usually theirs aside from the visiting Clave dignitaries) were a bit rude.

A bit being an understatement. I can still remember the way Sonia and Ralph crashed into our door while making out so heavily it clearly was heading towards the bedroom.

"Rain check that thought for next time pup." Magnus pecks his husband on the nose before spinning with a flourish, missing the way his gesture sent a flush of pink on Alec's cheeks. "The guests are here at last."

*****Clary's POV*****

Alicante was chillingly cool by the time she, Jace, Isabelle and Simon arrived at the Loft's front door. Like the penthouse apartment back in Brooklyn, she knew that Magnus and Alec's home was neatly decorated. Magnus mostly took the reigns in the decor department, having owned several estates over his centuries of life.

But the trained eye could see all the intricate details that were clearly from Alec: he weapons rack at the front entrance as they were let in was the first thing that Clary could see as she walked in, a Keurig coffee machine sat on the kitchen counter as Alec liked to make his own in the morning, the billowing curtains and stain glass doors also among the many touches the former Shadowhunter had made to his and his husband's shared home.

It was no time at all before Magnus was opening the door to let them in. The High Warlock of Alicante was dressed as prestigious as ever, his red and gold color scheme suit and tie matching well with his black dress pants and slacks. A gold streak had been applied to Magnus's coiffed hair to finish off the stylish look alongside some sparkling glitter that Clary wouldn't be surprised if he had invented considering how much of it he owned.

Magnus leads them into the living room where the plush white couch remains in front of the flat screen tv. Apparently the living room had yet to undergo any extraordinary changes the warlock would invoke whenever the mood struck him. Perhaps Alec's presence had something to do with that.

"Biscuit, Isabelle, Jace, Sherman. So lovely to see you all. Come on in." Magnus greeted Clary and Isabelle with a hug. Jace received a pat on the shoulder, while Simon just groaned about Magnus getting his name wrong yet again, much to everyone else's amusement.

"Magnus, I like what you've done with the place." Izzy murmurs as she walks toward the dining room, Simon trailing behind her like a happy puppy.

Clary spots what her parabatai is talking about almost immediately. Instead of the old framed portrait of Magnus that used to hang near the bookshelf, there was now a picture of Magnus and Alec together. The photo was clearly recent; Alec's wings were captured on camera hovering behind him, with one outstretched to wrap around Magnus to hold him close just like the arm around his waist would. Both men were smiling in the picture, the blue sky overhead depicting a clear day. In the background what looked like the frosty white sand of a beach could be seen.

"Oh, I see you've spotted the new picture. Alexander and I had it done on our weekend stay on my island of the coast of Florida. It was nice to get away for a few days." Magnus explains.

"I'm sure it was." Jace agrees. He was standing right beside her, his hand clasped in hers. "You and Alec could use a break after all the work you've been doing lately."

Magnus dips his head in agreement. "You're not wrong there Jace. Though I will say it can be a struggle to get Alexander to willingly leave his work behind for a few days. Shadowhunters really are workaholics." He huffs.

"Eh, it's not like you didn't know what you were getting into." Izzy stifles a laugh.

"She's right. And Alec is probably the biggest workaholic of all." Simon agrees.

Magnus gives them an annoyed glare, but doesn't disagree. Alec chooses this moment to barge into the conversation. His wings trail behind him like puffy clouds, almost obstructing her view of Harry following from behind him. Clary has to strain her head to get a peek of Harry's bronze wings, though his amused chuckles are impossible to miss, almost like strange little hiccups that were amusing to listen too.

"Are we talking about me?" Alec crosses his arms over his chest, fixing his parabatai with a stern glare. Jace has the nerve to look like he didn't contribute to the conversation at all, taking on a mock innocent expression that makes her want to giggle at the absurdity of it.

"Why do you think it was me?" Jace says in an oh so innocent tone.

Alec just does his trademark eye-roll, unimpressed by his brother's antics. "When is it ever not you, parabatai?"

Izzy just shrugs her shoulders and starts laughing. Jace and Alec both give her an annoyed glare as the rest of the room joins in the amused chuckling.

"He's got a point there." Clary agrees, earning a smile from Alec and a cackle from Harry.

"Well in any case, dinner is ready. Pippa and Dan Dan are setting it up now." Harry tells them gleefully.

"Great! Let's get to the table then. Being a new Shadowhunter is exhausting!" Simon exclaims rather dramatically before pulling his girlfriend into the dining room with him. The rest of the group dutifully follows behind the couple, ready for a good meal tonight.

****Time Skip/Magnus's POV****

Magnus lets out a sigh of relief he hadn't realized he had been holding as he waves Daniel and Pippa goodbye as they leave for the night. As they were the last remaining guests, only himself and Alec remained in the room. The Loft was quiet without the company it previously held. During his bachelor days, Magnus would have wanted there to be parties and noise long into the night. Now however he was fine with the peace of a quiet home with his husband. This was a testament to how much he had changed.

There was also the bundle of nerves thrumming in him with excitement.

"So that we're alone, what exactly do you have planned for us this evening? You know I hate surprises." He turns to face his husband.

Magnus found Alec stretching out in front of the balcony window. The former Shadowhunter had changed out of his evening attire and into some sweatpants, a sweatshirt, a winter coat and some combat boots that looked as though they were geared more towards snow then they were for fighting demons. Alec must have changed as Magnus was letting guests out the door, though he hadn't the slightest clue as to what for.

Perhaps for the surprise?

Alec looks up from zipping his coat as he hears Magnus speak. His cheeks are a slight rosy pink from the struggle of shoving his arms and legs into the confines of clothes. The tips of his ears are also a hue of reddish pink, an adorable tag along to Alec's ruffled up hair. Behind Alec, his white wings glow with an array of gold and blue and periwinkle too.

"Hehe, it's a surprise Magnus. And what do you mean you hate surprises? You always surprise me with your magic." Alec murmurs.

Magnus huffs. "It's one thing if I'm doing the surprising, another entirely when it's someone else Alexander."

Alec lets out a chuckle at that. He walks over to Magnus to wrap his arms around him, pulling him in for a soft kiss. Magnus can feel the heat of his angel as they press close together, and out of the corner of his eyes he can see the way Alexander's wings stretch out behind him to rise into the air with euphoria.

He deepens the kiss easily, tasting the sweetness of his husband's mouth. Alec responds to the motion just as passionately, one of his hands tugging at the strands of Magnus's glittering hair (because yes he had put glitter in it). The tugging is sharp enough to induce a low moan from him that makes Alec grin. When the pair finally cut off the kiss for the necessity that is air, they keep their foreheads together, content to stare into each other's eyes.

When they finally catch their breath, Alec's response is teasing.

"You know you're a hypocrite kitten. But that's okay, I love you so much, I could care less." Alec says before pressing a delicate kiss on the tip of Magnus's nose. The gesture makes him flush crimson, from embarrassment or arousal Mag

nus was not entirely sure.

"W-what?" He manages to stutter out as Alec ushers him into the bedroom.

"Get dressed Magnus. The night sky awaits us."

That made Magnus's eyes widen as thoughts whirled into his head at lightning speed. He can't possibly mean that we're going flying together does he? I didn't think he was ready yet.

"Does that mean....?" He didn't voice the thought, worrying that if he did it would not come true.

Alec gives him a gleeful grin. "Yep, we're going flying tonight."

That was all it took for him to get on board with the surprise. Magnus wasted no time getting ready, snapping his clothes on with a small burst of magic. He was so ready for this. Flying with Alexander would be a dream come true for sure.

*****Alec's POV*****

The wind billows through his wings, propelling him higher into the air. It had been quite a few months since he had gained his wings, and Alec could now confidently say he was decent at flying. The freedom the wind provided him was not lost as he soared through the night. Being out in the open sky was always enjoyable. Alec had not realized how much more enjoyable it could be when his favorite person in the whole wide world was with him.

"Alexander, we're getting quite high up. Are you sure this is safe?" Magnus asks with some trepidation.

The centuries old warlock was held carefully in Alec's strong arms, shielded from the most dangerous of biting icy wind currents. With it being so close to Christmas season, Alec had made sure that he and Magnus had both dressed for the weather to prevent frostbite, not that he could really get it anymore. But people would start asking questions if he wore t-shirts outside during winter.

Alec lets out a chuckle. "I've got you Magnus, don't worry." He peers closed at Magnus, beginning to get the sense that his husband wasn't asking for safety reasons. "You're not scared, are you?"

Magnus lets out a nervous laugh. One of his ring clad hands splays out across his chest. Alec can feel the slight chill of it through his sweatshirt, and he can see the neatly done burgundy nail polish on the man's fingers.

"Of course I'm not scared. I've been alive for centuries Alexander, I'm not scared of a little-Watch out!" Magnus's arms wrap tight around his neck squeezing him tightly.

The reaction had been so fast that Alec can't help but choke a little. The crisp air was drawn out from his lungs to leave him breathless. The Angel finds himself spiraling off to the side, hopefully away from whatever Magnus was shouting about.

That tight grip eventually recedes as he comes to a halt. He flaps in place, staring at Magnus with what had to be an incredulous expression.

"Magnus, what on earth was that about?" Alec lets out a huff. A puff of cold air comes from his exhale, the white mist of it leaving him with temporarily fogged vision. Hazel eyes blink to make the problem recede.

"Look at that Alexander." Magnus points with one hand.

Alec follows the pointing to see a large Acriux demon flying in the air. The nasty beast was mostly bird-like in appearance. It's wings and body were a matte black, with the only color being blood red wing tips. The things head was that of a serpentine, allowing long coiling necks to form three large heads with arching fangs of about two feet in size. It's tail was mostly a feathery blue, though a few black barbs shot out from it two. Alec knew from past experience that they dripped with a deadly poison; poison that could kill a nephilim within seconds if they received enough of it.


The demon lets out a mighty roar, it's amber eyes wide. It's flawed hands were what look to be disfigured reptilian arms. They look like that of those from a Tyrannosaurus rex, each of them tip with wicked looking flame inducing claws.

"An Acriux demon! But what's it doing out here, all alone no less." Yes, Acriux demons were known for fighting in pairs. If there was one here, then where was the other one?

"I don't know. But we can't let that thing terrorize the city." Magnus's voice was barely heard over the now howling wind. Thankfully Alec was able to pick it up, though most of his attention was focused on keeping himself and Magnus in place.

"I can't fight very well with my grip on you. Do you think you could blast it away with your magic?" Alec has to raise his voice to be heard.

Unfortunately, Magnus was not the only one to here it. Three snake heads swung over to look at Alec and Magnus. Those dastardly smiles dripped with even more venom. Frankly he was surprised to see that the demon had some sort of drooling problem, but he digresses.

"Yes Alexander. Just get me a clear shot without getting us killed." Magnus answered back.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. One clear shot coming right up."

So instead of flying away from the Acriux demon, Alec found himself flying straight towards it. The demon seemed delighted that it's prey was flying right towards it, giving a toothy smile filled with jagged, somewhat blackened teeth before doing the same. The sharpened bird claws were reaching out for Alec as the monster got all the closer. Overhead the moon shone on brightly, the crescent that it was tonight was blissfully unaware of the fight amidst the stars that were already twinkling in the night, Alec gives a shout of rage right before the demon reaches them. With quick reflexes he spirals out of the demon's range. Had he been any slower, Alec and Magnus would've gotten a good face full of dripping venom. As he is an Archangel, Alec knew that the venom would have little to no effect on him. Magnus in the other hand....

He would be a different story. I have to make this end quickly.

"I'm going to give you a shot from above. Can you deliver it?" Alec asks.

Magnus gives him a grim nod, his terror from going higher into the sky seemed to have temporarily vanished in the heat of battle. Red magic glows in Magnus's hands, making him look all the more beautiful a vision. If Alec wasn't busy fighting off a demon and keeping them airborne he knew he would be taking time to admire Magnus. As this was the case, he only had time to catalogue the apprehension on the High Warlock's face, the way his eyeliner brought out the amber-gold glow of his eyes. Alec could not be sure when Magnus's glamor had slipped down.

He wasn't complaining though. His husband's unglamoured cat eyes were always a sight to behold, especially when Alec could see the light of the stars reflecting off of them.

"Of course. Lets make this quick."

Alec does a quick, circular flight around the demon, careful of its snapping fangs and dripping venom. As a result, the three heads become tangled together, effectively making them unable to reach out to bite them. With that success Alec surges even higher into the sky with his wings pushing air underneath them. The normally white feathers were sparkling with a deep blue-purple light, the few white dots like stars in a dark sky. Alec was still unsure as to why his wings would change color, and Daniel and the others had not known either. Meanwhile, Magnus prepares himself to strike at the monster, his golden eyes narrowed.

Alec feels the moonlight on his back as he rises over the Acriux demon. This high up, they have a perfect sight of the demon's back. The creature was swinging its tangled heads around in a desperate attempt to find them, all the while snarling with rage. Spittle clusters around its lips as its seventeen (yes Alec counted) eyes gleamed with rage.


"Now Magnus!" He shouts.

"On it!" Magnus tells him.

Red light shoots from Magnus's hands. The beam of energy slams right in between the monster's shoulder blades at its most vulnerable spot. The demon roars with angry pain. Red fiery energy burns the pained demon alive before it disintegrated into the night like it had never been there at all. The two halves of Malec watch it go with narrowed eyes, knowing that they won't miss it for even a second.

"Well done." Alec gives his husband a proud smile.

Magnus squeezes Alec's shoulder gently, his cat eyes flicking to the flapping wings before gazing into his hazel eyes. Those eyes seem to gaze into his very soul, leaving him breathless.

"Hmm, I'd say more like medium rare." Magnus responds with mild amusement.

Alec can't help the laughter that follows, nostalgia from years ago and having other man he loves so much in his arms making him feel warm inside.

"You're such a dork!" Alec exclaims with giddy laughter.

Magnus gave him an affronted look, shifting in Alec's sturdy arms to gaze into his eyes. Even after a fight in the sky, Alec found that Magnus looked as stunning as ever. The stars is the sky reflected the gold of his unglamoured cat eyes just right, giving them a kaleidoscope of brilliance.

"I am not! Take that back Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane." Magnus swats his chest, earning another rumbling laugh from Alec as he ascends higher into the sky.

He hadn't realized just how much they had dropped in altitude during the battle. The wings behind him flap extra to propel them higher, sending blusters of snowflakes scattering away. Magnus reaches out to grab one, catching the delicate thing in the palm of his hand. It is only magic that keeps it from melting away from the heat of his hand.

"No I'm not. That title belongs to you darling, and you alone." Magnus presses a kiss to Alec's deflect rune, sucking on the sensitive spot there. It was a dirty move to use that spot against him, but it did the job of drawing Alec's attention elsewhere.

"Ugh..." he groans, trying to balance arousal with keeping them in the sky. "That's not fair and you know it Mags." Alec can't help the small whine he lets out as Magnus nips at the pulse point there, his whole body quivering in response.

"Hmmm, I'd say all is fair in love and war, but I'm certain you already know that. How about we fly home for the night? I should thank you for this splendid surprise." Magnus purred our the last two words, his hot breath sending tingles down Alec's spine.

"You read my mind." Alec said. Together, the two fly the rest of the way home, trading off kisses as they go back to the City of Glass.

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