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   Chapter 897 Damian's Message

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Before getting out, Nathan looked for something in the car and said to Mandy casually, "Honey, my briefcase is in the trunk. Can you get it for me, please?"

"Okay." Mandy stepped out of the car and went to the back. Nathan pressed a button, and the trunk door opened.

Colorful, heart-shaped balloons floated out of the trunk, just like what happened in Korean dramas. Mandy's eyes widened.

Nathan pulled up the parking brake, slowly got out of the car, and walked to Mandy.

Mandy looked up at the balloons. There were a few white clouds that looked like cotton candy in the blue sky. The heart-shaped balloons slowly floated up and away.

you in the next life where, I dearly hope, we won't quarrel. In the next life, I still want to be your brother. It's my greatest regret that I haven't protected you well in my life.

All the best, Damian."

Seeing this, Mandy could not help bursting into tears. Her nose was instantly red as well as her eyes.

It turned out that the reason Damian committed suicide was that he felt guilty. He knew that he could not change his father, and he did not want his mother to live alone in pain. So he decided that they should die together in exchange for Jennifer's life and as punishment for Sharon's, Mandy's, and Mandy's unborn child's deaths.

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