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"Just sit still and don't stimulate me. You don't know what I will do to you." Nathan's ears turned red.

Mandy looked at Nathan coquettishly and asked, "Really? Is that it? You really can't stand it? What about when other women seduce you?"

Nathan squinted his long, narrow, and cold eyes. His profile accentuated his jawline, making him look even more handsome. He raised his tone slightly and questioned her back with a frown, "What's wrong with you? Why do you always think of me and other women? Huh?"

"Humph! Don't make it sound like I always do this!" Mandy retorted and rolled her eyes. How could he say that? She was just thinking about a possibility. She didn't want to think along those lines either.

"I simply want to have you right now," Nathan said in a low and husky voice, like he was trying to suppress his emotions. There was a sexual tension in the air.

Mandy's face turned red in an instant. She glanced at Nathan, her almond eyes wide open.

They hadn't had sex since they started sleeping in the hospital with Adrian. They were almost entirely abstinent at this point. They went to work in the daytime and kept a watch at night to look after Adrian. Mandy often woke up in the middle of the night to check on him.

Adrian's illness had exhausted both of them. At the end of the day, they were left with no energy or time or mood to make love.

Both of them had their urges. Nathan and Mandy were both sexually parched. Mandy was constantly tired, but today she felt relaxed.

She understood what Nathan meant. Blood rushed in her cheeks. She lowered her voice and murmured under her breath, "Aren't we... Aren't we going to the lab?"

"Do you want to

a thumb at Mandy. With his mouth curled into a gentle smile, he said, "Good job, honey. You always know what is the right thing to do."

Hearing this, Mandy became even more content. She asked, "Really? Do you really think so? Did you know Audrey was Leo's junior in school? And they're both pretty close too."

"Yes, I know." Nathan nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Mandy asked, complaining.

"I completely forgot. I mean, Audrey has nothing to do with our lives. Before you think about it, let me assure you I have no dubious relationship with her. She once saved Adrian's life. I'm really grateful to her for that. But if she dares to hurt you, I will not forgive her," Nathan spoke each word clearly, with a hint of coldness on his calm face.

No one could hurt Mandy.

Nathan had never loved anyone so much, but that was how he was. Once he loved someone, he loved her wholeheartedly.

At No. 520, Haibin Road

Mandy stood outside the villa in a daze. It felt like she was coming home after an eternity. She could barely recognize it. Of late, the hospital had been feeling more like home to her.

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