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   Chapter 895 Nathan Apologized

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"What's wrong with pregnant women? Being married is better than being single. Don't you and your husband love each other?" His thin lips barely moved as he spoke. He looked at Nacy sharply. His gaze was such that it would make someone doubt themselves.

Nacy pursed her lips and looked back into his eyes. Snorting disagreeably, she said, "No. But public displays of affection is not allowed!"

"Are you single? If not, then just shut up." Nathan wrapped his arm around Mandy's waist naturally, the way he always did.

"Of course not. But there are two pregnant women here. Are you deliberately showing off?" Nacy joked with a smile.

"Well, I'm not showing off anymore. Nacy, Cassie, you two stay here this afternoon. I have to go to the lab with Mand," Nathan suddenly changed the topic. He had been away from the city for the past three days, but he was well aware of the situation in the lab at all times. There was no good news.

Nathan trusted Elizabeth, but he was afraid that Ouyang would play his tricks to buy more time. Nathan was growing impatient now. If Ouyang didn't develop the antidote, he would surely kill him.

Nacy frowned. "Don't worry. We will stay here and look after Adrian."

Nathan nodded and turned his head to glance at Adrian. The sight of him lying unconscious on the bed seemed to pierce a knife in his heart. He suddenly started feeling hopeless ... like all he could do was stand there and stare at him.

Mandy tugged at Nathan's sleeve and smiled reassuringly, "Nathan ... don't think too much. Adrian will be fine."

When she saw Nathan's sad expression, Mandy's heart twitched. Nathan was the sole motivation for her to move ahead in life. It was because of him that Mandy mustered the courage every day to hold on and be hopeful. If he became hopeless, she would succumb too.

"Let's go to the lab." Nathan nodded and brushed away his

nk of you and hope you would come back to me."

Mandy kept silent for a while. A flash of sadness rushed through her. Her face seemed to be bleached with guilt. "Nathan ... I can't say it enough. I should never have left you ... I'm sorry."

Nathan shook his head and looked at her. He pressed her hand and smiled. There was a deep affection in his deep eyes. "Honey, it's not your fault. I was at fault too. I should've told you the truth long ago. It's my fault."

Mandy hadn't expected Nathan to admit his own faults. Was she really capable of making him swallow his pride? Or was he truly sorry? She reached out with her hand and grabbed Nathan's arm, mumbling, "Nathan..."

"What's wrong, silly woman?" Nathan focused on driving, but he was paying full attention to Mandy.

"It's okay. We both did stupid things. All I know is you are good to me, and... I love you so much." Mandy withdrew her hand and held her face in her own hands, smiling at Nathan sweetly.

Nathan glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, he could feel a tingling sensation in his loins. "Mandy, don't try to seduce me right now."

Mandy immediately shut her mouth, chuckling like a schoolgirl. In a low voice, she muttered, "I don't have to try, do I?"

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