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   Chapter 894 Nathan Is Back

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"Alright. But why did you have to go abroad to study medicine? Wasn't it to get better medical skills that you can use when you returned to China?" Cassie asked hesitantly.

"Well, in a number of ways, the medicine abroad was better developed. These days though, the doctors in our country are just as good. Back then, I studied abroad as a result of my physical condition. It was only foreign hospitals that could carry out the operation I needed. After the operation, I couldn't take the long flight back home. Coincidentally, the university there admitted me for studies. So, I decided to stay and go to college there," Mandy explained with a smile. She smiled because she had never planned to study medicine. Her original intention had been to go to music school.

"I see. But Mand, you are really something. There's no denying that." Cassie raised a thumbs-up sign for Mandy in admiration.

"You flatter me too much, Cas."

"Considering the high cost of studying medicine and the time and energy invested in the process, you deserve the praise. The popular saying is that unfilial people go to study medicine. They also say that it's wrong to persuade a person to do it. When I was a student, one of the top students in my class was admitted to medical school. By the time he obtained his master's degree, he was already twenty-eight. Mand, you're a genius to have finished med school successfully at such a young age."

"Learning medicine was truly challenging, especially when it was close to the end of the semester. I had to read and memorize many medical books day and night, and I almost didn't have the time for a sound night's sleep. Even the time to eat was fast eluding me. I think I was really strong those days. I don't even know how I made it through all of that." Mandy's lips curved in a smile as she reminisced. During her days at the university, her mentor, Elizabeth, always took her to the operating room to observe the procedures. Mandy was a smart student who quickly learned how to perform surgeries just by observing for some time.

By her junior year, she had already operated on many patients. Standing by her side and cheering her on, Elizabeth always gave her useful guidance. Surprisingly, when Mandy operated for the first time, she was not nervous at all. Her hands didn't tremble, either.

At that time, Elizabeth praised her for being

had a doubt. The shower gel they used in their home was simply packaged with English as the language used to write its instructions. Her doubt was based on the fact that she had never seen the gel on sale on the market. At first, she didn't ask him about it. After all, all the food and clothes in their home were bought by someone Nathan assigned. Although Mandy had been abroad for three years after her separation from Nathan, she hadn't seen that gel on sale even once in any of America's department stores.

When she returned to China, she found the same gel on the shelf of the villa's bathroom. It excited her. Its package was unchanged, as simple as ever.

Mandy didn't ask questions about it, and Nathan didn't explain anything to her either.

The fact was that Nathan's skin was very sensitive. Because of that, he could not use those bath lotions sold in the stores as they would make him itch. So, he asked experts to make a shower gel perfectly suited just for him. This shower gel was specially customized for his sensitive skin. Coincidentally, Mandy was able to use it too. It was a little secret between them, and it thrilled her that Nathan had never used it with anyone else.

The two of them did have a lot in common. This was also a good sign that they were meant to be married.

Nacy smiled, her clear eyes sparkling at the scene. Seeing Mandy and Nathan hugged each other intimately, she felt happy for them. She deliberately coughed twice and said in a sarcastic tone, "Hmm... You two, watch your behavior, please. There are other pregnant women here."

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