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   Chapter 893 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

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Nathan was the one who was wronged in this matter. He had no interest in Audrey at all. The whole thing was orchestrated by Audrey, and at thought of that, Mandy was put in a foul mood.

"Of course, but she has to apologize first and show her sincerity." Mandy gave Audrey a hard look, and the atmosphere in the room seemed to drop below freezing point.

Audrey took a deep breath. She was then able to collect herself and keep her expression under control. She put a smile on her face, respectfully bowed to Cassie, and slowly said, "Miss Jiang, I made a mistake this time. I sincerely apologize. I shouldn't have said something so insensitive. I hope you can forgive me. I'm truly sorry. I didn't mean anything by it."

Cassie was surprised by her sudden apology. She hadn’t expected Audrey to have a change of heart so quickly. Audrey had shown kindness and sincerity towards her.

"Uh... It’s fine. I also did something wrong. I hope you don’t mind it too much." Cassie touched her nose awkwardly and suddenly felt guilty. She thought that she had gone too far this time.

Audrey narrowed her eyes at her, with an ominous glint in her beautiful eyes. She thought to herself, 'Cassie, I didn't think you could be so vicious. Sure enough, a person who hangs around vicious people will eventually become vicious as well. Birds of a feather flock together. Just as the old saying goes, he that lies with dogs must rise with fleas.'

Audrey felt that she had been too negligent. She assumed that Cassie was just an unremarkable and silly girl. It seemed that she had the wrong idea about her. She wouldn’t have guessed that Cassie would be thoughtful enough to record their conversation. It seemed like she would have to be extra careful in the future and ensure that no one else found fault with her.

Once she was caught, she had to swallow her pride and apologize. She wouldn’t let this happen again. Her head ached when she saw Mandy.

Mandy was a petty woman in her eyes. Audrey saw herself as mature and elegant, and overall superior to Mandy. She couldn’t understand how Nath

n, he entered the operating room to begin performing surgeries again.

A complicated operation would last about seven or eight hours on average, and some would last up to ten hours. A doctor’s work was exhausting, and no ordinary person would be able to bear it.

Although Jamie and Cassie worked in the same department, there weren’t many chances for them to meet. Cassie was mainly in charge of the patients in the in-patient department, while Jamie seldom spent time there. He was usually found in the operating room. However, Cassie was considerate of him. She knew how much he struggled at work, so she worked hard to be gentler and more considerate of him. She taught herself how to be a reasonable and thoughtful wife.

"Well... I don’t think it was a good idea. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn’t an appropriate thing to do. After all, Audrey didn’t make a big mistake. She studied abroad and has more experience than Jamie. It makes sense that she became a director," Cassie spoke with a gloomy face and lowered her head.

Mandy cast a sidelong glance at her. Then she patted her on the shoulder and smiled at her. "Don’t be silly. Don’t look down on your husband, okay? Your husband is a capable doctor, and domestic doctors are not inferior to foreign ones. Are you beginning to favor foreign medicine? Your husband would be sad if he found out."

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