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   Chapter 892 Apologize Sincerely

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Updated: 2020-09-23 01:36

When she rushed to the dean's office, she saw Mandy and Cassie sitting there. She frowned, knowing that something bad was about to happen.

"Sir," Audrey started in a soft tone.

The dean looked up at her and said with a smile, "Please have a seat, Dr. Audrey."

Audrey sat down, worried. Her beautiful eyes slightly narrowed. Staring at Mandy for a long time, she felt inexplicably uneasy.

The dean's face darkened, and he said seriously, "Here's the thing. Both of you have reported the matter to me consecutively. It's a troublesome thing, so I hope you two can communicate about it. Dr. Audrey, as a director, you made inappropriate remarks. You have to apologize to Cassie."

Audrey was stunned. She did not expect that the dean would ask her to apologize to Cassie. She frowned and gritted her teeth. She muttered, "Inappropriate remarks? That's because Ms. Jiang started it. She misunderstood my relationship with her husband and hurled accusations at me without any shred of evidence. Shouldn't I have gotten angry?" Audrey spoke without a drop of remorse in her voice. She was not about to apologize for something that was not her fault.

"It's normal that Cassie misunderstood your relationship with Dr. Jamie. It's inevitable that a woman will think too much when she sees her husband being intimate with another woman," the dean reasoned.

Audrey gnashed her teeth together. She could tell that the dean was obviously on Cassie's side.

Now, she was in a dilemma. She had no choice but to apologize.

"What's more, Cassie is pregnant. If anything happens to her baby because of the stress you're causing her, I will see to it that you will be held accountable," Mandy said with a tense expression, her eyes fiery with anger.

Feeling wronged, Audrey pursed her lips and thought, 'Does a pregnant woman have the privilege to do whatever she wants? Why is the dean even on their side? Did Leo call the dean for nothing?'

The dean cl

being so aggressive?

The air in the office suddenly quieted down and was then replaced by awkwardness. The dean felt like a piece of meat caught in a meat grinder.

With every passing second, the energy in the room became more and more uncomfortable. Audrey had not said anything. Mandy crossed her arms and just stared at her, waiting for an answer.

The dean figured he had to break the silence. He cleared his throat, smiled awkwardly, and said, "You two graduated from the same university. You were schoolmates. Let's just all calm down for a second. Let's just pause the conversation here, okay?"

The dean was helpless. It was really a headache for him to handle the current situation.

Audrey was the one Leo wanted to protect, so it was not good to make things difficult for her, but he had to consider Mandy as well. The dean really did not know how to stop the two women from ripping each other's throats out.

Cassie sensed something wrong. Mandy was kind-hearted and was definitely not the kind of person who deliberately triggered others. Her action today seemed like she was making things difficult for Audrey on purpose. Cassie surmised that Mandy was doing this for some other reasons. If Audrey had no special relationship with Nathan, Mandy would definitely not be like this.

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