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   Chapter 891 Ask Audrey To Apologize

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The dean stood up and said with a smile, "I see you’re here too, Mandy. Have a seat."

Mandy glanced at the dean and squinted her eyes at him. The forced smile on his face looked repulsive to her.

"What would you like to drink? Tea or coffee?" the dean asked politely and bowed to them. He didn’t look like a dean at all.

Mandy vaguely remembered the scene when she had first entered the JR Hospital. At the time, the dean had been high spirited and vigorous, and he had always been kind to her.

The dean and Mandy's university mentor, Elizabeth, were classmates. Elizabeth had gotten excellent grades, and the dean's grades weren't half bad. After finishing his studies, he returned home and continued on to become the dean of the JR Hospital. The journey hadn't been easy for him.

There were a lot of talents in the hospital, and the dean was an all-around talent. He had researched into various fields and published numerous papers. Even now, as the dean, he would personally oversee several crucial operations.

Mandy thought that the dean was a good man, albeit a bit snobbish. She figured that once a person had been in a position for too long, they would inevitably become snobbish. It was important for that person to maintain their power and influence so that they wouldn't give in to the world's harsh realities.

"No, thanks, I'd prefer to get right down to business," Mandy smiled politely at the dean and said bluntly.

The dean scratched his head and said, "Well… It’s not a big deal. However, how could you post the recording to the group, Cassie? It wasn’t a good idea."

With Mandy present, the dean couldn’t be too direct in how he handled matters. He had to be more diplomatic in his approach.

"Why not? What did she say? You must have heard the recording, right? Everyone is a member of this hospital. You can’t shield her because she’s a director," Mandy said aggressively before

here was a hint of indifference in her eyes.

The dean stared at her with a blank expression and wasn’t sure how to proceed. He was not a match for Mandy. One could only imagine how capable this woman was.

Cassie's round eyes wandered between Mandy and the dean. She sensed the atmosphere becoming uncomfortable between them, so she stood up and said, "How about this? I'll solve the matter with Audrey in front of you, but I refuse to apologize to her. She has to apologize to me."

The dean was speechless. He frowned as he stared at Cassie’s determined face, not expecting her to stand her ground. However, her suggestion seemed reasonable enough.

After pondering over the matter, and its possible implications, the dean decided it would be best to ask Audrey to apologize to Cassie. "Ahem. Okay."

Mandy’s expression softened, and a slight smile finally appeared on her bright face.

In contrast, Audrey was devastated. She had just finished crying and complaining in the dean’s office and returned to the Cardiology Department with red-rimmed eyes. Before she had a chance to sit, the dean called her to his office again.

As soon as she received the phone call, she stood up and returned to the dean’s office. She knew the dean would always cover up for her.

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