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   Chapter 890 Cassie's Counter Attack

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Updated: 2020-09-23 00:06

The dean was also well aware that Audrey was a talent and would never dare to fire her. Besides, he didn't want to go against Leo's wish. The matter wasn't as simple as he thought.

During their lunch break, Jamie and Cassie went to visit Adrian's ward. Jamie was checking Adrian's condition while Cassie stayed behind to chat with Mandy.

Noticing that Cassie seemed to be in low spirits when she entered the room, Mandy asked with a gentle smile, "Cassie, is there something wrong?"

Cassie gritted her teeth in exasperation and said, "I'm fine. That mad dog is just upsetting me."

"What mad dog?" Mandy

matter at hand was serious. The dean predicted that Mandy would get involved in this matter, but he didn’t expect her to act so quickly.

On her side was Nathan, and opposite her was Leo. The dean suddenly had a headache.

He had been the dean of this hospital for many years, and he had encountered numerous difficult cases, whether in treating diseases or managing workplace conflicts. This dispute was the most difficult he had encountered yet.

Leo had pressured him not to fire Audrey. Mandy knew that her friend had been humiliated, so she wouldn’t give in so easily. This was a difficult situation!

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