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   Chapter 889 Leo's Promise

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Cassie looked at the man with much admiration. Jamie was particularly stunning that day. Defending Cassie's pride had truly strengthened the girl's adoration for him.

"Pregnant woman? And so what if she is pregnant? Any woman can easily get pregnant! Why do people put so much premium on pregnant women? I don't really take the bus, but when I do so, I won't give my seat up for a pregnant woman. Even so, Cassie is only three months pregnant! Her belly doesn't even have the slightest bulge!" Audrey's tone became even more hostile, especially because the couple had teamed up against her.

"I wonder why a smart and beautiful lady, such as Dr. Audrey, couldn't land a boyfriend. Why do you think, Audrey? I have an answer for you... No man dares to settle with a bitch," Jamie mockingly said. The man was all out of patience, and so he opted to be frank.

"What did you just say to me? I dare you to repeat what you have just said, Jamie." Audrey stomped her foot in anger, and she might have injured her ankle in doing so.

"I can say it a hundred times more if you wish, but I won't further this nonsense. Let's go, Cas!" Jamie looked at Audrey with much disdain. The man never wanted to pick a fight with Audrey; she was his superior after all. However, Audrey had gone too far, and Jamie could not allow that.

Audrey and Jamie were colleagues. They really had no reason to fight one another. Jamie was simply tired of all the ruckus.

Before Audrey was appointed as director, the whole department was revered for its harmony and teamwork. Mandy often treated her subordinates to dinner, and so did Leo during his time in office. Everybody in the department got along, until Audrey took over. Everyone secretly hated her, but nobody ever dared to speak a word about it.

This time was different. Jamie could not let the woman abuse Cassie. The man could not stand how poorly A

long well with each other. Shouldn't there be a way to fix things?"

Audrey nodded pitifully, even though Leo could not see her. "I see what you are saying, Leo. But this time, they really treated me terribly. The two ganged up on me for God's sake!" the lady refuted.

"I know, they shouldn't have done that. I'll talk to the dean in the meantime. Just don't let things like that happen again, okay?" Leo asked kindly.

Audrey smiled and immediately changed her attitude.

"Thank you so much, Leo. I promise it won't happen again," Audrey said gallantly.

Leo shook his head. This woman seemed really helpless. Well, he had promised her to help her, and that was what he did. Leo had always been keen on keeping his promises.

Perhaps, his marriage vows were his only unkept promises. Leo did not know where his wife was, and whether or not she was doing okay. He had to let her go at some point, and not because he did not love her, but because of some secrets.

Leo was afraid that Milla would eventually learn his secrets. Instead of making his wife suffer, he decided to give her the option to leave and find her own life.

Ten minutes after his phone call with Audrey, Leo called the dean of the JR Hospital, asking him not to fire Audrey.

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