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   Chapter 888 Did I Say Anything Wrong

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"Cassie! What's wrong with you? Didn't anybody teach you how to knock?" Audrey did not even feel embarrassed, instead she felt furious.

Jamie immediately removed his hand from Audrey's earlobe. Judging by Cassie's face, she clearly misunderstood the situation. Jamie hurriedly said, "Cassie, it's not what you think! I swear!"

Cassie sneered and stiffened. She stared directly into Jamie's dark eyes, then sarcastically said, "Really now? Would this scenario be the same if I had knocked on the freaking door?"

"Jamie, please rectify the situation! As for you Cassie, where the hell did you get the idea that we were doing something romantic? Jamie and I, we are not savages. Why would you think that low of us?" Audrey snapped in return, purposely adding fuel to the fire.

Jamie immediately turned to Audrey. Audrey's eyes were filled with malice and complication. The man wanted to stop the woman from babbling further.

Unfortunately, Cassie perceived their words as mere excuses. Furthermore, from her point of view, Jamie had just looked romantically at Audrey.

"It's really not what you think, Cassie. You see, her stud fell, and I found it. Putting it back would be easier if I were to do it, so we agreed to that. I just helped her, that's all," Jamie explained with utmost honesty.

Yet, Cassie still refused to listen! Deep down, all she heard from Jamie seemed to be mere excuses.

Cassie laughed coldly, and then she stared intensely at Audrey. She decided to compose herself then. She placed her hand on her belly and took deep breaths. Once calm, she seriously asked, "Is that really what happened? Why would she want you to put the earring on her, when she has two perfectly working hands? Don't you think you fell victim to the ploys of that bitch, Jamie? That was a bitch move, Audrey. I hope your ears get inflamed!" Cassie said sternly.

"Did you just call me a bitch? I'm telling you Cassie, watch your mo

d Audrey to the core.

Everyone was fully aware of Audrey's intentions for Nathan, so the whole scene was peculiar for Cassie. 'Why would you dare go after my Jamie?' Cassie cursed in her head.

"Oh? Is that how you see things going? Are you defending yourself or insulting my wife? Based on what I heard, you're doing the latter!" Jamie spoke angrily. After all, he was not one to be trifled with. Audrey, the man's replacement, had effectively become his superior. Jamie had been disgruntled all month long. He could not allow that woman to bully his wife.

"It was your wife who came in here guns blazing. Did I say anything wrong?" Audrey asked rhetorically. The woman definitely knew that she had gone too far. Her attitude softened all of a sudden. But she still sported a disdainful look on her face.

Cassie was seething with rage. She slowly clenched her fingers again and again. She had never been so angry since she began her career in JR Hospital. Audrey was truly troublesome!

"Cassie is my wife and the mother of my children, Audrey! I will never allow anyone to personally attack her in this hospital! Don't you have a sliver of decency? Do you even feel terrible for starting a quarrel with a pregnant woman?" Jamie said firmly. There was no emotion in his cold voice.

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