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   Chapter 887 Don't Always Mention Divorce

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Whenever Nacy would get displeased with him, the two would have a "cold war" for several days. Simon would have a difficult time coaxing her during this time.

When Simon thought of the beginning of another "cold war," his heart sank. However, he still believed that the matter with Jennifer was none of their concern. It was between Nathan and Mandy. He couldn't understand why Nacy always felt compelled to battle the injustice experienced by others.

Mandy smiled helplessly. The truth was, she didn’t mind it at all. She didn’t expect for Nacy to be so furious on her behalf. Poor Simon.

"Honey, I never intended to hide anything from you. I just thought that this wasn’t something worth getting worried over, so I chose not to mention it." Simon looked wronged, and his lips trembled as he spoke.

Nacy stared at him with fierce eyes, as if he was an enemy. She never expected Simon to be so good at acting! Men weren’t as simple as they looked after all!

"Don’t touch me! I don’t want to talk to you right now." Nacy shook off Simon’s arm. She was outraged that he would keep something like this from her. If there was one thing Nacy hated the most, it was deception.

"Sister-in-law, I’m sorry you had to see Nacy and I quarrel. Can I take Nacy away for a moment?" Simon could sense that Nacy’s temper was getting out of control, so he wanted to get her away from the eyes of those around them. Doctors and nurses in the ward came in and out from time to time, so they both had to mind their behavior.

"What are you doing? Let me go! If you want to go, go by yourself. I’m not going home tonight. I’m staying here!" Nacy’s face was grim, and she seemed determined to get what she wanted.

Mandy realized that the situation was quickly getting out of hand, so she smiled and attempted to coax Nacy. "Nacy, what are you doing? Try to calm down, okay? I’m not angry about this. I know Nathan would have a good reason to hide this from me. I don’t blame him. As long as he comes home and explains properly, I’ll be fine. Don’t take this too seriously. Nathan is like a brother to Simon, and it’s normal for men to keep secrets among themselves, just


"I know your temper well by now. At least, you recognize your errors now. Don’t get angry so easily next time."

Nacy nodded and smiled at Mandy. She didn’t know why, but she was very fond of Mandy. Mandy was a beautiful person on the outside and kind-hearted on the inside.

In the blink of an eye, Cassie had already been pregnant for three months, and her belly was becoming more pronounced. She had developed a strong appetite and ate well. It was half-past nine in the morning, but she was already starving.

Rummaging through her bag, Cassie couldn’t find the bread that she had packed for herself. She patted her head and suddenly remembered that the bread was in Jamie’s briefcase.

With a soft smile on her face, Cassie went to the doctor’s office to look for Jamie. The door of the doctor’s office was closed all year round. Cassie forgot to knock beforehand and entered the office without warning.

However, what she found inside the office hit her like a pail of cold water. She trembled as she saw Jamie and Audrey.

Jamie stopped what he was doing immediately. He had been touching Audrey’s earlobe affectionately just now, and the two were intimately leaning against one another.

Audrey wasn’t wearing a white gown, but a sexy sweater dress trimmed with lace. It was late autumn now, but her beautiful legs were exposed. Cassie was enraged at the sight and wanted to rip the coquettish look off her face.

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