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   Chapter 886 Mandy's Question

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Updated: 2020-09-22 00:06

"Of course, the discipline master didn’t dare criticize us. Nathan’s parents are major shareholders of the school, and the dean is a good friend of Nathan’s parents. No one would dare say anything! Those senior students were punished and forced to drop out of the school," Simon said indifferently. Thinking back to that time, he felt that he was too hot-blooded for his own good.

It was also because of this that their identities had been revealed and spread all over the school.

Mandy raised her head to look at Nacy, who was only a year younger than her, and they were good friends. 'Doe

mon had a sinking feeling in his chest that it would be difficult to defend himself. He was no match to Nacy when it came to arguing. Now that Nacy had found out that he had lied to her, there was no way to win this.

"What misunderstanding? What did I misunderstand? You lied to me! That’s all there is to it!" Nacy snorted in disdain, and her mind was a mess.

Simon had the feeling that the more he explained, the angrier she would become, so he relented and attempted to coax her until she calmed down. Simon knew that if he didn't give in to her, Nacy would only become more furious.

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