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   Chapter 841 Manhattan Cocktail

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It was night in the city.

Heavy metal music blared from the interiors of a bar that was bathed in a dazzling display of bright lights. Eve had drunk a lot and was feeling light-headed.

She was enjoying the atmosphere, even though it was hot and vivid. The mix of the alcohol and cigarette smoke filled the air. Although the smell increasingly worsened, Eve remained comfortable.

She sat at the bar and watched the people as they crazily moved their bodies on the dance floor. They stuck closely to each other and flirted with abandon. The fact that they were all strangers did not seem to matter in the slightest. Such an ambiance seemed to make people forget all their troubles temporarily.

Eve had been frequenting the bar for three years.

She often went there when she was upset but rarely was she ever alone. Although those around her also felt the pangs of loneliness amidst the excitement that the bar brought, they were usually in pairs. It would seem that only Eve was alone in the bar that night.

She still hadn't called Bonnie. The issue had dealt her a heavy blow. She wanted to digest everything in bits by herself.

The deafening music suddenly stopped when the DJ switched to a song that had a more soothing rhythm. This jarred the passionate dancers to a stop. They went quiet as they tried to adjust to the abrupt change in the musical flow.

"Manhattan cocktail." Eve ordered a glass of strong wine.

The bartender shook the tumbler in his hand. Shortly after, he gracefully handed her a glass filled with red liquid. As she lifted it to take a sip, someone walked over and sat by her.

"Hey, beautiful! What's bothering you? Why are you drinking something so strong?" Chauncey asked with a playful smile.

"It's none of your business," Eve replied coldly and rolled h

s irritated by his persistence.

"Don't you think it's fate that we're meeting tonight? Why don't you tell me what happened? We were destined to meet here, after all." Chauncey's attitude softened. He looked at her and smiled.

Eve's eyes and brows were exactly like his first love's, and he missed her all the more in that moment. He'd fallen in love with her in high school. They had also been classmates in primary school. Their relationship lasted for over a year, even though they attended different high schools. The girl eventually cheated on him before dumping him. Chauncey seemed to change into someone else after the episode.

He later heard that she had gone abroad and married a foreigner. She had also gotten a divorce the previous year and taken custody of her child.

Chauncey was a handsome and popular man from French major in University A. Many of the girls were attracted to him because he had a face that was rated more delicate than a woman's. He was so handsome that there were rumors that he was queer. The talks didn't bother him in the slightest.

He had only had a crush on another girl apart from his first love: Fiona. But he heard that she was married to one Ethon.

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