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   Chapter 840 What is Love

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"Thank you very much!" Mandy said with a smile and great appreciation.

Not long after, Audrey left the ward with a professional smile. On the way back to the Cardiology Department, she stepped into the elevator. As the doors open and close, she realized that she was the only one on the platform. However, she didn't really mind the eeriness that loomed within. After all, she was a qualified doctor, so she was mentally strong. Although she hadn't seen a ghost firsthand, she still didn't believe that they existed despite the stories and videos that were on the internet. As a matter of fact, she only believed in science, and that in every paranormal event, she knew that science was the only one behind them.

As soon as the elevator opened with a ding, signaling that she was on the right floor, she stepped out and walked immediately to her office expressionlessly.

Before she opened the door to the office, she rubbed her eyes. When she stepped inside, she was greeted by the strong aroma of coffee.

She stepped even deeper into the room and found Jamie, sitting on the seat that was diagonally across hers. He was holding a mug of steaming coffee in his left hand, and with his right, he was busy clicking the mouse from time to time. He looked as if he was searching for some information.

Audrey stopped as she looked at him intently. For some reason, she respected and appreciated people who worked hard.

She smiled at how Jamie looked. In fact, she had a good impression of Jamie. However, she didn't like his wife, Cassie, who was always disrespectful to her. For her, Cassie was just a nurse, so how could she always behave that way to her? Although Audrey had never confronted her or talked about it to anyone else, she was still upset and annoyed.

Besides, she saw herself as a princess wearing a golden crown, shining with pride.

During the week, there was a doctor who had to change shift with Jamie, so Jamie and Audrey were both on the night shift together. Then again, during normal day times, they barely met each other.

Therefore, Audrey felt lit up when she saw him even though the light in the office was dim. Besides the aroma of the coffee, there was another vague smell that she could not identify.

She didn't know why, but on the spur of the moment, Audrey had the sudden wild urge to molest Jamie right there in the office. Besides, there was no one else in the room.

"Hey, Jamie, still busy? Why don't you take a rest and go lie down?" Audrey teased with her eyebrows raised.

"Thank you, and I really appreciate the concern, but there are still some medical records that need to be checked out," Jamie replied and raised his head to take a quick look at Audrey.

n't mean I don't love her now, or that I won't love her for the rest of my life. From the moment we walked down the aisle and tied the knot, we had exchanged vows that we will keep forever. In short, we should remain faithful to each other," Jamie answered after he took a deep breath.

"You know, it surprises me that you are actually very romantic," Audrey said, giving Jamie a seductive smile.

"No, that's just the reality for every married person. You made your vows to this person, so you have to keep them," Jamie responded in a serious manner. Deep inside, he was already annoyed. He didn't want to waste his time with Audrey, but still, he composed himself and made sure this annoyance didn't show.

"That's funny. You should know very well that love is slowly becoming worthless. There are hundreds, if not, thousands of unfaithful partners all over the world!" Audrey laughed scornfully at how ridiculous Jamie sounded as if she had seen through everything and had experienced everything.

"Yes, the statistics don't lie, but I am a man of my word," Jamie said with a serious frown. Then, before Audrey could say something more, he remarked, "Well, why do you think love's worth is slowly fading away nowadays? Perhaps, love is already worthless in your eyes, Audrey, but in my eyes and the eyes of the vast majority, love is a priceless treasure that can't be quantified nor matched with anything tangible or intangible."

At that moment, Audrey slightly furrowed her eyebrows and curled up her lips. She didn't expect that this quiet man was actually a nice talker, and he spoke with sarcasm at that.

This time, Audrey accepted that she had failed in seducing him. Not wanting to embarrass herself any further, she quietly stood up from the chair and walked towards the doctor's lounge.

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