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   Chapter 745 I'm Afraid There Wouldn't Be A Good Ending

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"Please don't say that, Miss Qian. I believe Leo is serious about you. He didn't have a girlfriend when he was still in college. At that time, our tutor wanted to introduce him to a lot of girls, but he wasn't interested in any of them." Audrey took off the glasses. With a black frame, the pair of radiation-proof blue light glasses had been given to her by Leo.

One year ago, Audrey's eyes had some severe irritation. Her eyes were red for a whole week because she had been staring at the computer for a long time. Leo was very considerate to send her the pair.

From then on, Audrey would wear the glasses every time she would use a computer. It had become a habit.

"Really? He didn't even have one girlfriend during his college years?" Milla had suspicion all over her face as she rolled her eyes. It was really hard for her to believe that Leo hadn't been in love.

Milla felt that if ordinary people like her could experience love, how could Leo, a man who was so adept at schemes and plots, not be in love yet?

Everyone had experienced the magic of falling in love and being loved in return while they were growing up.

"I don't know..." Audrey smiled, but it wasn't from the bottom of her heart. It seemed shallow and empty.

However, Milla couldn't hear clearly over the phone. She just thought that Audrey was a nice person.

At that time, Leo came out of the bathroom to Milla's surprise. The man was not wearing anything on his upper body. Not just that, he was only wearing boxer briefs to cover the lower part of his body. Baring his wide shoulders and thin waist, Milla could clearly see that his body was comparable to a male model of a prestigious fashion show. The standard eight pack abs outlined his attractive male figure. Even from a distance, he was breathtaking.

Holding Leo's phone, Milla blinked for a few seconds before she found her voice. "Well... Uhm... Your senior is here."

Audrey raised her eyebrows. Her mood was instantly lifted. She picked up a pen, opened the notebook which she had prepared and smiled gently. "Okay."

Leo noticed that Milla was holding his phone, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he calmly walked to the bed and took the phone, which Mila had kindly handed over to him. Looking at the caller ID, he slowly said, "Hello, Audrey."

"Leo, I'm really sorry to bother you at this late hour. I just have a question to ask you, but I don't kno

nt. She shook the tip of her pen. She couldn't understand why she was getting more and more confused while talking to Leo.

"That's right. But since there's something wrong with his blood coagulation, everything is different now. Even if we extract some bone marrow samples, it's possible that we won't find the virus in there." The expression on Leo's face darkened when he spoke. He had never encountered such a difficult problem. And now, Audrey was the one handling this. But even if it was his responsibility, Leo was certain that he would have headaches for days or weeks.

"Leo, what should we do? The child is really cute. I don't want anything bad to happen to him."

"First of all, you should test his blood again. You also need to do a thorough physical examination on the child. If both tests show that he's fine, then you don't need to extract the bone marrow. But if there's something wrong with his blood, it could cause inflammation and other complications. By then, you can conclude that the bacteria resides in the blood. Since blood circulates in every part of the human body, it can be removed by anti-bodies. If the bacteria is very potent, that would mean it would be hard to completely eliminate it. By then, the only thing to do is to test the bone marrow." Leo narrowed his eyes a little and met Milla's eyes. The expression on his face was hard to read.

"Okay, I get it. Thank you, Leo." Audrey was starting to have a severe headache. According to Leo, Adrian was certainly in a critical condition, and there was a high possibility that it could only get worse from here on out.

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