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   Chapter 716 We Have Gotten Closer To The Truth

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When Mandy was in medical school, one of her professors once taught in a class that if certain dangerous bacteria entered the human body, the result would be more terrible than cancer.

Somehow, Mandy recalled that particular class and what her professor had said.

After Fred reported the situation to Nathan, he stood up and left. Only Nathan and Mandy were left in the office.

"You can come out now." Nathan smiled lightly.

Hearing what he said, Mandy felt a little embarrassed. Why did she hide behind the curtain? She was Nathan's wife. She could walk out and show herself in front of Fred. She was in on every conversation Nathan had with anyone.

"You knew I was listening?" Mandy pursed her lips and walked toward Nathan.

"Your feet were exposed under the curtain. It was the first thing I saw." He smiled helplessly and thought in his mind, 'This silly woman! She doesn't even know how to hide to eavesdrop.'

"What? Wow, I really have to learn martial arts or stealth techniques or something. I'd really love to hide from you sometime." Mandy pursed her lips and spoke in an aggrieved tone, unwilling to admit her failure.

"Why were you hiding anyway? Are you a spy?"

"No, I'm not! You know I'm not! Humph!" Mandy pouted like a child. She crossed her arms and grimaced.

"I was just kidding."

"I know. I'm also joking with you. But Fred said something about bacterial research. That research will be very dangerous if it is done by the wrong hands. If Eve really keeps company with an expert in bacterial research and experimentation, she's truly up to no good. It's terrifying," Mandy said seriously, her eyebrows almost knotted. She felt her heart sink like a stone thrown in a river. She did not know what she was worried about.

Mandy suddenly recalled that one time when Eve had picked Adrian up from kindergarten school and took him away without her permission. She remembered that she had found a needle mark in Adrian's arm when she got him back. Was it possible that Eve had injected something into Adrian's arm that day?

The more she thought about it, the more strange she felt. Her face suddenly turned very pale. "Nathan, do you still remember? Eve once took our son away without my permission. When he came back, I found a needle mark in his arm, as if he had been injected with something."

Nathan squinted, and then his face turned somewhat unreadable. The spark in his dark eyes disappeared like starlight drowned in a black sea. He nodded calmly and said, "I remember. But didn't you take him to the hospital for an

andy looked at each other, and their eyes lit up. They had always wanted to have a daughter. Nathan had been obsessed with his little sister since childhood. Even though Nacy was technically his cousin, he loved her as much as his own blood sister. After he and Mandy got married, he had hoped that Mandy would give birth to a daughter because it was said that a daughter was her father's lover in his previous life. On the other hand, a son was closer to his mother.

Nathan had been raising Adrian for three years, but his relationship with his son had been fading since Mandy reappeared in their son's life. Mandy had been taking care of Adrian for only a few months, but Adrian already loved her more than he loved him. It turned out to be true that a mother and her son are closely linked with each other.

Mandy was a bit speechless when she heard Nathan's answer. It was very hard for a woman to carry a baby for a total of nine months. At five months of pregnancy, a woman's belly would start to bulge and get bigger day by day. She would not be able to move around freely or sleep well. Normal people slept on their right side while pregnant women must sleep on their left side, which made Mandy very uncomfortable. At the end of her pregnancy, Nathan came to help her with a series of pre-natal chores such as bathing and dressing and wearing socks and shoes. After Mandy gave birth, Nathan treated her like a princess, and her status in the family became even higher.

"If you really want a baby, I suggest you try to conceive in three months," John said calmly. Then, he added, "As you know, each kind of medicine has its side effects. You should try your best to avoid taking too much medicine."

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