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   Chapter 714 Such An Unfathomable Woman

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So, not everyone welcomed Audrey.

"Come on, doctors. Don't be like that. We're going to be working together from now on. We'll practice under the same roof, and we'll run into each other very often," Jamie said calmly.

"Jamie, we're defending you. We don't believe that Audrey is that powerful."

"Keep your voice down. She'll be here soon. It won't be good for us if she overhears us."

"What does it matter? I don't care." Dr. Sun mustered up the courage to speak. They all remembered that Mandy began her career at JR Hospital. Her first post was the vice director of the cardiology department. Mandy's medical skill was superb, and she had good moral qualities. The cardiology department staff all respected her. On the other hand, Audrey was quite different. In less than two weeks, they had already found out that she was very good at "dealing with intricate, interpersonal relationships."

"Hello!" Audrey chirped as she walked into the office. She had been listening to their conversation outside for a long while.

The doctors were embarrassed, especially Dr. Sun, who had just said something hateful. Her face turned bright red with shame. She did not expect Audrey to show up so suddenly.

The atmosphere in the office suddenly turned overcast as if at the coming of a deadly storm. Audrey squinted her eyes and smiled lightly. She knew her arrival would affect the interests of some of the doctors, so it was normal that they did not like her.

At the moment, no one uttered a single word. The atmosphere in the office had become very depressing.

Jamie cast a glance at Audrey, looking her over from head to toe. He found that Audrey had a cute, bubble butt and well-rounded breasts; good, long legs and a beautiful face. Her two long and snow-white legs were her most seductive quality.

"Welcome, Director Audrey Yao," Jamie greeted and clapped his hands.

Upon seeing Jamie's show, the doctors in the office also applauded. Everyone's eyes were on Audrey, but their heads swam with their own thoughts.

It had to be said that Audre

or. I came to this city alone. I really hope to make friends with you, and I hope you will allow me," Audrey said, seemingly sincere.

Pursing her lips, Dr. Sun did not reply immediately. She had already declined Audrey's invitation. It would be embarrassing to take her word back in front of all her colleagues.

"Dr. Sun, it will be our first time to have dinner with Audrey. You know, it's kind of rude to refuse an offer so kindly made," Cassie suddenly said.

"Err... All right. I'll go then." Dr. Sun felt like she was trapped in a dilemma. She took a glance at Cassie and felt relieved that she helped her out.

At JS International

It was lunch break.

Nathan had been working hard the whole morning. His deep and cold eyes had been staring at the computer screen. It was inevitable that he felt a little tired. He squinted, leaning on the back of his chair to rest.

There was a lounge hidden behind a curtain in Nathan's office. The lounge was very large, almost as big as the master's bedroom in his home. Nathan slept there sometimes when he had to work all night.

"Take a break, Nathan. You can't finish your endless work overnight," Mandy said with a smile, holding her cellphone in her hand.

Upon hearing her soft voice, Nathan typed two words on the keyboard before saving the document he was working on. Then, he smiled and waved at Mandy.

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