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   Chapter 713 Director And Deputy Director

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Instantly, Audrey's face turned pale. She had never seen Nathan smile so generously at a woman before. She didn't know what kind of a person Mandy was and how she made him smile from the bottom of his heart. In a second, a flame of jealousy burned in Audrey's heart.

Just now, Mandy was trying to say, 'You are nothing to him, Audrey. It's me who Nathan loves. So don't even think about trying to take him from me.'

Needless to say, the atmosphere that morning was a little awkward.

After having breakfast, Nathan and Mandy took Adrian to the kindergarten. Meanwhile, Audrey drove to the JR Hospital by herself.

Audrey was not a fool, and she knew how to win a man's heart. She knew that it wouldn't be wise to force herself into Nathan's life. So, she decided that she shouldn't stay too close to him. Otherwise, Nathan might get annoyed.

But Nathan was not the type of man to be averse to being close to a woman. In fact, he liked to be with Mandy and only her all the time. But when other women got too close to him, he felt disgusted.

On the way to the kindergarten, Nathan carefully drove the car with a small smile on his face.

Mandy stared at him strangely. She didn't know what Nathan was happy about. Fortunately, she was already calm by then, so she didn't mind it that much.

Soon enough, they arrived at the kindergarten. Mandy got out of the car with Adrian. After she took the little boy to his classroom, she went back to the car right away.

Nathan was wearing a pair of dark brown sunglasses, and his white sleeves were rolled up to the elbows. He was resting one of his hands on the car window while the warm sunlight was shining on his face. With that sight in front of her, Mandy was suddenly drawn to this man.

She had never been a woman who was interested in a lot of men. Why did her heart race uncontrollably when she saw Nathan?

But Mandy summoned every bit of composure that she had and pretended to be calm. She then casually said, "You seem to be very proud."

"Believe me, I'm not." He took off his sunglasses and narrowed his eyes while looking at her from head to toe. When he saw the sullen look on her face, he grinned wickedly while softly laughing.


cided that she wants to work in this hospital?" She just thought that it wasn't fair.

Audrey was able to assume the position for some other reasons, but Jamie slowly got the position by relying on his own abilities and hard work. Cassie really wanted to fight for him.

"Don't you think the Dean is being so unfair? How could he give the position to that woman when she just came in here?" Cassie complained in the office. The other doctors were present as well, but they didn't say a word.

"Cas, please don't make any trouble. Audrey came here from abroad and was hired by the Dean at a very costly price. This is for the benefit of our hospital. I'm not as good as her. Of course, I have to give her the position," Jamie calmly said with a deadpan expression on his face.

"Who knows if she was really hired by the Dean or she used some other means," said a doctor, who curled his lips. He didn't like Audrey either.

Jamie and Cassie had been working in the JR Hospital for many years, and they had a good relationship with all of the doctors in the Cardiology Department.

The difference between the director and deputy director was fairly huge. The annual income of the director was one million, while only half of that would be received by the deputy director. Certainly, Cassie was not happy with that. Moreover, since Jamie had become the deputy director, it meant that one of the other deputy directors had to be transferred to a lower position as well.

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