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   Chapter 712 Audrey's Attack

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Mandy felt awkward. She felt desperate to take Adrian away from Audrey's arms, but that would make her look too narrow-minded and even pathetic. After she pondered it over, she decided to stay calm.

"Nathan, is this the Miss Yao that you mentioned to me?" Mandy smiled, her eyes narrowing. Then, she grabbed Nathan's hand and held it. They walked down the stairs together toward Audrey.

Mandy behaved in an elegant and hospitable way. She carried herself with her chin up and played her role as Mrs. Jin.

"Audrey, let me introduce my wife. This is Mandy. Mandy, this is my friend, Audrey." Before Audrey knew it, Nathan and Mandy were already standing hand-in-hand by her side. She still had Adrian in her arms. Her smile gave off a feeling of purity and kindness.

However, in Mandy's eyes, Audrey was nothing but a cunning seductress. Obviously, she was the same sort of person as Eve. Mandy never thought that her rivals in love would appear one after the other like some kind of fungus she could not shake.

"Oh, yes. Ms. Zhou was my junior in college. She was a famous student in our medical school. At that time, she had a lot of suitors. She is so beautiful, and she has a good character. You two are indeed a good match," Audrey complimented Mandy, but she was not sincere at all. She had already learned to hide her emotions.

Her reputation at the Swiss hospital was great because she had never become angry. She believed that only children argued with one another. Adults should not be angry because it was not worth it. Because of her good temper, she had maintained a fairly good relationship with almost all her colleagues.

"Miss Yao, weren't you popul


Usually, when Mandy and Nathan had breakfast at home, the atmosphere was light. Today was different. Maybe it was because there was an outsider at their table. Mandy kept silent, and Nathan also did not say anything. Adrian was good at observing people. When he saw that his parents did not say anything, he, too, kept silent.

Mandy was eating wonton. The wonton was hot. She blew the wonton in the spoon slowly, completely ignoring Audrey.

"Do you like wontons the most, Miss Zhou? I remember Nathan likes sandwiches the most for breakfast," Audrey started.

Mandy looked up at Nathan with her almond-shaped eyes and tried to feed him with her spoon. She said in a sweet voice, "Honey, have a taste. Does the wonton taste good today?"

Nathan was very cooperative. He finished the wonton in one gulp and said with a smile, "Well, it's delicious."

"Why didn't I know you liked sandwiches for breakfast? A sandwich is so dry. I think wonton is way better." Mandy scooped another wonton and grinned at Nathan.

"Well, I like wonton better than sandwiches now." He looked at her with a doting smile.

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