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   Chapter 708 The Sixth Sense Of A Woman Is Accurate

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Mandy waited for Nathan's response but did not receive any.

At MC Garden

"Mand! Oh, grandpa's baby is here too!" Stanley's grin stretched from ear to ear when he saw Mandy arrived with Adrian.

"Hello, grandpa," Adrian called sweetly.

Madeline was in the middle of stirring the meal she was cooking when the adorable voice of the child reached her ears. She put down the spatula at once and trotted out of the kitchen, a delighted look on her face. "Adrian!"

"Hello, grandma!"

Adrian was no stranger to the elderly couple. Nathan had often taken him for a visit and, from their very first meeting, asked him to call them grandparents.

Nathan, however, did not tell them of the boy's true identity. Not that he was afraid that Madeline and Stanley would fight over the boy, they could dote on their grandchild all they wanted. But, he was concerned that Adrian would remind them of their daughter. After all, when Mandy had left him, she left her parents too.

"Father," Mandy greeted with a slight smile.

"Grandpa, have you been in good health these days?"

Stanley bent over and picked Adrian up. Cradling him in his arms, he walked towards the table by the French window. The boy's question sent him roaring in laughter and, with a pat on his chubby thighs, he asked, "Who taught you to say that?"

"Mom and dad taught me this," Adrian declared proudly, sitting down with his legs crossed. His back was ramrod straight as he readied himself to battle with his grandfather in a round of Go.

"Where's your father?" At the mention of the word dad, Stanley looked around and found that Nathan did not come.

"He has to work overtime tonight," Mandy piped in, a bit too hastily to pass for unconcerned.

Just then, Madeline came back from the kitchen, carrying a bowl of fish stew. She stopped mid-stride and deliberately took a detour, stopping in front of Mandy. She scrutinized her daughter's expression, who was lounging on the sofa and playing with her phone. "Did you fight with him?"

Noticing her mother's accusing gaze that was raking her from head to toe, Mandy grabbed the bag of chips

bjection. She did not know where Adrian inherited his stubbornness. Whenever he liked something, it was impossible to persuade him to change his mind. In the end, Mandy compromised and let him try on the sweater.

It was early autumn. Putting on a sweater was akin to drinking hot water under the scorching sun. But Adrian liked his grandma's gift so much that he did not complain about the high temperature at all. He wore the fluffy knit and ran around the hall, the sound of his merry laughter echoing in the living room.

Seeing Adrian's beaming face, a memory from one winter day three years ago resurfaced in Mandy's mind. She had also made a scarf for Nathan herself.

When Nathan received the scarf, he was so excited to wear it and refused to take it off, just like his son. Perhaps it was true what others said that men were just taller versions of children. Warmth filled inside Mandy at the thought of her husband and child, and her soft lips curved into a delicate smile.

"Adrian, come here. I'll take a picture of you." Mandy pulled her son over, who was foolishly grinning as he walked closer.

His face turned red from running around, and a layer of sweat clung to his entire body.

Mandy took a picture with her phone and noticed that it was already half-past eight.

"It's getting late. We should go home now," Mandy said, reaching out to help the boy take off his little panda sweater.

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