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   Chapter 707 Even The Phone Screen Saver Was Her

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It turned out that although Leo was a good doctor, he had his own ideas. After abandoning his career as a doctor and starting a business, he was still living a good life.

He might never hold a scalpel again in his lifetime, but he would never forget how to use it.

Unlike Leo, Audrey chose to be a doctor because she really liked it. In the past, she said to Professor Sisquoc, "The patient won't get sick based on what you've learned," which moved him. Professor Sisquoc accepted her as his last intern because of those words.

When Adrian got sick, Professor Sisquoc had already retired from the medical field. He no longer met with any patients. It was also because his health was not that stable anymore. Audrey had gone with Nathan to Professor Sisquoc's for a consult. Professor Sisquoc had been willing to come out and do the surgery on Adrian, half because of Audrey's plea.

Audrey was his student for a whole five years, and in all that time, she had never asked him for any help. He liked Audrey's love and commitment to the job. She deeply and truly cared for her patients. Not everyone could be a doctor, for it required the extraordinary out of ordinary people.

"How has Dr. Sisquoc been lately?" Nathan asked with a smile, trying to change the subject.

"Well, everything is going well. He has been well." Audrey smiled—her lips like soft, red rose petals on her face.

"Where will you stay? Have you booked a hotel room or something?" Nathan asked with concern, but he looked ahead with concentration, his eyes impartial.

"No, I haven't. How about I stay in your house?" Audrey laughed teasingly, and a gentle light appeared in her beautiful eyes.

"I have several villas in City A. You can stay in one of them if you like." Nathan smiled faintly and handed his phone to Audrey. He added, "There are pictures of them in here."

Audrey stared at the unlocked mobile phone screen and felt a little disheartened at what she saw. The screensaver was a photo of a particularly beautiful

ove that saying wrong. Everybody was quite pleased with him.

"That's because you're a good teacher. You're teaching him well," Mandy said with a gentle smile.

The next moment, Ms. Yu walked up to her, and politely said, "Oh, thank you, Mrs. Jin. We are flattered. Parents are the first enlightenment teachers for children. Only parents who cooperate with teachers like you do can share the responsibility of properly educating the kids and helping them excel at many things."

Mandy and Adrian's two teachers had a great chat at the kindergarten school. They talked for a while. When handcrafting classes were done, Mandy took her son home.

"Mom, where is Dad?" Sitting in the safety seat, Adrian was a little restless. He looked around inside the car but did not find Nathan.

"Your father is still at work, dear. Do you miss your grandparents? How about I take you to visit them?" Mandy said as she turned to her son with a smile.

"Well, I want to eat grandma's famous beef dish," Adrian answered with an innocent smile, nodding.

Mandy called Lillian and told her that she did not need to prepare dinner for her and Adrian tonight. Then, she sent a message to Nathan.

Her message read, "Nathan, I'm taking Adrian to my parents' house tonight. Go home right away after you finish your work, okay? Don't drink too much."

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