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   Chapter 706 I Only Envy Her

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Out of too much shyness, Audrey couldn't help but blush. Her face was as smooth as porcelain and with a charming smile, she enthusiastically hugged Nathan.

After a while, she finally let go of Nathan but with a bit of reluctance. She raised her chin a little and looked at him with an even wider smile. "Didn't you come to Switzerland two days ago? Why didn't you come and see me right away?"

"I was on a business trip, so I was quite busy. I didn't go there to have fun and relax." Despite the dry response, there was a smile in the corner of Nathan's eyes. His handsome face was spotless. It was almost too perfect. Some rays of sunlight illuminated his entire stature as if he was bathed in a layer of gold.

"Nathan, do you still remember our previous agreement?" Audrey stepped forward, removing what little space they had between each other. She then hugged him once again and leaned against his shoulder affectionately.

The cordial smile on his face remained the same while he nodded as a response.

"That's settled then. When I come to City A, you would accompany me this time. We can now spend time together and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery in the entire city." Audrey brushed her fingers through her long hair. Her big auburn waves faintly exuded the unique fragrance of a young girl.

Nathan was never the type to commit to promises that easily. Without a doubt, Audrey was the second luckiest person next to Mandy.

In fact, the reason why Nathan agreed to Audrey's request was that he was grateful for her. Audrey had been Adrian's attending doctor. During that period, she endlessly took care of him with the utmost meticulousness. Due to excessive fatigue, she even fainted and had to have an intravenous drip. But still, she insisted on being Adrian's doctor. In return, he was deeply moved by her efforts.

However, Nathan didn't know that Audrey paid special attention to Adrian for the simple fact that she had a crush on him. Although Adrian was a lovely boy, Audrey was not so foolish to give her all in taking care of him for no reason.

In that strange country, Nathan and Audrey met. One could say that it had been fate.

Together, they walked forward side by side, which instantly attracted everyone's attention. Along the way, Nathan and Audrey continued to talk and laugh tog

he could almost feel himself suffocate.

Thinking back, that painful time was certainly the darkest time in Nathan's life. Mandy had left him. As for their child, it wasn't just a premature birth; the child also had a heart problem. Fortunately, Adrian's heart surgery was successful. After more than two years of recovery, he was no different than a normal person.

Audrey had more than a year of clinical experience at that time. But, it still failed in comparison to her tutor, Dr. Sisquoc. He was Audrey's university professor. In time, Audrey became his last disciple. He taught almost all of the knowledge that he had acquired in his entire life to her.

Every three years, Sisquoc would recruit a disciple. Leo Wen was the most excellent among all of the disciples, which he had. Audrey, who was no worse than him, was excellent when it came to clinical experience. However, Leo gave up the idea of being a doctor to inherit the family business.

But then, he gave up the business and chose to be a doctor because of a woman. At first, Dr. Sisquoc didn't want to take Leo as his disciple because he had always thought that Leo was not meant for the life of being a doctor. This young man, born into a rich family, suddenly changed his major when he was a sophomore. His decision confused everyone who knew about it. But only Dr. Sisquoc knew his exact reason. In fact, he also loved a woman when he was young. So, in the end, it was Leo's deep love for a woman that moved Dr. Sisquoc, and he finally took the young man as his disciple.

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