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   Chapter 705 He's Going To Pick Up A Friend

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Mandy found that there was already a thick stack of notes in the box, about a dozen or so. She was moved, and her heart almost melted. She was very grateful for Nathan and for his meticulous care and love.

She closed the drawer and went downstairs with a smile. Lillian had already prepared a rich breakfast. She greeted Mandy with a smile.

"Good morning, madam."

"Lillian, what time did Nathan leave?" Mandy sat down at the dining table and took a sip of milk.

"He left before seven o'clock."

"That early? Did he have some breakfast?" Mandy asked with a gentle smile.

"Mr. Jin had a sandwich before he left for work."

Mandy touched her long hair and said with a smile, "That's good."

After breakfast, Mandy got ready for work and headed to the office. When she arrived at JS International, she went straight to her own office. She decided not to take a detour to Nathan's office.

Mandy was busy in the office all morning. She was so occupied that she did not realize that it was lunch time already. Anyway, she had a late breakfast, and she was not feeling hungry yet.

When she was about to call Nathan to invite him to lunch, her phone started ringing. It was Nathan.

Nathan was on his way to the airport to pick up an important friend. It was after the morning meeting that he heard that his friend was coming. He rushed to pick his friend up, and it was not until he got in the car that he remembered it was already lunch time. He decided to call Mandy in case she looked for him and could not find him. He did not want her to worry.

"Honey, I have a friend who is coming to City A. I am now on my way to the airport to pick my friend up. I'm sorry I can't join you for lunch today." The calm and gentle voice of Nathan echoed from the phone.

"That's okay, dear. Remember to have lunch later, okay? Don't get yourself too tired," Mandy replied in a soft tone.

"Yes, I will. Go have your lunch." A happy, satisfied smile spread slowly across Nathan's face. His expression became more tender, the more he thought of Mandy.

After Mandy hung up the phone, Quintin came into her office with a thick stack of documents in his hands. He was dressed in a black suit as usual.

Mandy looked him up and down. He was about one meter and seventy-five in height with a standard figure. She could faintly see some chest muscles pe

ntin then quietly left Mandy's office and closed the door behind him.

At the international airport of City A

The bustling crowd shuffled throughout the airport, which had always been a place full of laughter, tears, and all other sorts of human emotions.

While many people parted here, some others were gathering and meeting their loved ones.

A woman, about 170 centimetres in height, was wearing a claret-red vintage dress. The tight-waist design of the dress made her lithe and graceful figure look perfect. She wore a pair of dark brown sunglasses on her delicate face and a pair of seven-centimetre high-heeled shoes, which was Dior's latest autumn style.

The woman had fair skin. She was wearing red lipstick, and the classic-style dress she was in made her appear elegant and charming.

Wearing a black suit and shiny leather shoes, Nathan was waiting for her at the waiting hall with one hand in his pocket.

Audrey, who usually appeared cold and distant, suddenly smiled at the sight of Nathan. When she walked toward him, a touch of happiness and excitement flashed across her eyes. She smiled at Nathan like an innocent child.

"Nathan." Audrey opened her slender arms. Her high-heeled shoes made a loud clack on the floor as she flung herself into his arms.

Nathan smiled, but the deep look in his eyes did not fade away. His sharp eyebrows were smooth on his angular face, and there was a touch of tenderness and calm on it.

"Audrey." He squinted his dark eyes and smiled. He took her luggage and held her in his arms out of politeness.

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