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   Chapter 702 He Cares About You Very Much

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Opening the WeChat app, he saw three pictures of Lisa sent by Colin with the caption, "Mandy, Lisa says she misses you very much!"

'Colin, you're so inconsiderate and shameless!' Nathan thought to himself. Anger flared in his heart like a matchstick against stone. Nathan returned Mandy's cellphone to where he found it, but before he did, he smiled gracefully and replied to Colin's message. "She's asleep at the moment," the message said.

Upon seeing Nathan's message, Colin did not reply. He just smiled when he saw the message.

At that moment, Nathan was still a little angry. He skimmed through Mandy's conversation history with Colin and found that she had been chatting with him almost every day. Colin was quite talkative, but everything he said was about his daughter's health and mood.

'He is such a despicable man!' Nathan screamed inside.

Anger and now jealousy gnawed at Nathan's insides like a carnivorous beast. He tapped on the screen and sent Colin another message. It said, "Colin, you'd better behave yourself! Don't message my wife so frequently! Otherwise, I'll kick you out of this city!"

Colin got the message and smiled slightly. Seconds later, he replied casually. His message said, "Whatever you say. And why are you so angry anyway? Are you scared that your wife will leave you for me?"

Nathan read Colin's message and immediately wrote back. "Oh, please. You can't be that confident."

Colin knew that Nathan was taunting him, so he decided not to reply anymore. He locked his cellphone and went to bed.

The next moment, Mandy came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She was wearing an apricot-colored silk nightdress, the design of which perfectly showed off her delicate clavicles. She was combing her hair when she saw Nathan looking at her cellphone. Seeing the tight frown on his handsome face, Mandy immediately thought something was wrong. She carefully walked up to him and asked, "What is it, Nathan?"

"Your ex-husband just sent you a message on WeChat. He really cares about you very much, doesn't he?" Nath

Maybe you should give her a chance to get to know you."

Mandy felt quite drowsy while typing. Before she fell asleep, she sent out the message to Colin.

The next moment, after taking a shower, Nathan stepped out, wearing their couple pajamas. Since Mandy came to his life, everything he bought was for couples.

He was willing to give the best things to his wife.

"You didn't tuck yourself in. How could you sleep well like that? No wonder you would catch a cold and a fever without me by your side," Nathan whispered to himself as he stared passionately at Mandy with his dark eyes.

He caught sight of her cellphone, and he grabbed it from her hand. Upon seeing the phone's screen, he saw the most recent conversation between her and Colin.

After reading the message carefully, Nathan's eyes widened and sparkled with warmth. He also felt warm in his heart. At the moment, he regretted blaming Mandy for so long about Colin. Now Nathan was fully aware that Mandy actually did not want to keep in touch with her ex-husband.

Nathan smiled lightly, and a touch of tenderness appeared in his eyes. He took Mandy into his arms. The temperature in the room was cold, and she had already fallen asleep. She moved her body and pressed herself against his warmth.

Nathan's body was like a warm fireplace. Mandy let out a small sigh and pressed her body closer to him.

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