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   Chapter 700 The Scent of Perfume

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"Say, if a woman, who is far more beautiful and younger than I am, approaches you, is there a chance that you will fall in love with her?" Mandy suddenly stopped as she spoke, and then she turned around. At that moment, their eyes met.

Taken aback by what Mandy just asked him, Nathan squinted his dark eyes and looked her up and down. Then, he chuckled at her out of amusement and stretched his slender fingers out to flick her on her forehead. "What do you think, silly?" he said with a smile.

Mandy frowned. "How could I know what's on your mind? I'm not a psychic. That's why I'm asking for the answer," she replied with a weird tone and a pout.

Nathan sighed. "Of course not. If I could change my mind and fall for another woman, then I would have done that sooner. Why should I wait until now?" with raised eyebrows, he replied confidently and reached out his hand to hold her cold fingers in his.

Even then, Mandy still had questions in her mind. "As a matter of fact, I still have another question that I have always wanted to ask you. Did you fall in love with me at first sight, or did you slowly fall for me while we were getting along and spending time with each other?" The smile on Mandy's pretty face was now gone, and it was completely replaced by a serious expression as she looked Nathan in the eye.

"To be honest, it was both. When I first saw you, I was already attracted to you, so later on, the more I spent time with you, the more I got to know you. I gradually fell in love with you. To put it simply, my love for you at first sight is the foundation for my deep love for you in the future," Nathan answered reasonably. His feelings towards Mandy had indeed gone through this process, no doubt. In fact, he wasn't aware of how and when he was really captivated by this woman and eventually fell in love with her so wholeheartedly. Perhaps it was a long time ago when they met the first time. At that very moment, her sparkling eyes flashed at him like a field of stars in the vast universe. He himself had a hard time not to be moved by her delicate charm.

"If that's the case, well, it is believed that falling in love, at first sight, is merely driven by desire and physical attraction, and to truly love someone for a lifetime is just the result of weighing all the pros and cons. So, what is it? What kind of feelings do you have for me?" Mandy asked. Her gentle voice reached Nathan's ears despite the night breeze that gently embraced them. This time, there was a smile in Mandy's starry eyes.

"Well, I was tempted by lust!" Nathan answered at once, making Mandy pout. He chuckled at her and reached his hand out to take her in his arms. "Honey, do you really want an answer to that?" This time, there wasn't any amount of

aying tricks.

"Tell me what happened. How did your plan fail?" Mandy asked as she placed the tray on the table before she handed each of them a cup of milk.

Simon patiently answered Mandy's question and told them about their plan. Then he looked at Nathan quietly as he sat on the sofa, waiting for him to give them ideas.

"Well, Simon, to tell you the truth, I am very much aware that Nacy is reckless, but I did not expect that you have become so reckless as well. You obviously knew that the bottle of perfume is the key, so why did you carelessly bring up the matter of the perfume? Even though Bonnie is not as clever as you all think, she is definitely not a fool. She will immediately think that something has gone wrong. Then again, according to your reasoning, that bottle of perfume does have some problems," Nathan said slowly and carefully with his Adam's apple moving up and down.

"Well, that's true. I don't fancy perfume, but not to the point that I will feel dizzy when I get a scent of one. However, every time I took a sniff of Bonnie's perfume, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated. Isn't that a sign of miscarriage? If that's the case, I understand everything now," Nacy added and heaved a deep sigh.

"Well then, the key is now to find out the origin of that perfume. As long as we figure that out, we will know whether or not it is really that harmful to those who smell it," Mandy said as she held the warm glass in her cold hands after taking a sip of milk.

Nathan looked at Mandy with a sense of appreciation in his eyes. His woman was indeed quick-minded. She had thought the same as he did.

"Yes, you sister-in-law is right. We need to find where that perfume came from, so we could get our answers," Nathan agreed with a smile and a nod.

"Then, how do we investigate?" Nacy asked with a frown.

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