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   Chapter 698 The Perfume Had Been Switched

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"What do you mean?" Eve squinted her eyes dangerously, as her scarlet lips curled into a smirk. She believed that the lunch had not been free at all!

"Maybe it was because of his recent divorce. He has been nice to me lately. He even complimented my perfume."

Hearing that, Eve frowned. She stood up from the sofa she was occupying, and nervousness was evident on her face. "Perfume? What kind of perfume?"

"The one made by Doctor Ouyang." Bonnie had an innocent smile on her face. She hadn't expected Simon to like her perfume.

After a moment of silence, Eve asked calmly, "Bonnie, did Simon say anything else to you besides complimenting your perfume?"

"Nothing special. He said he liked the scent of the perfume emanating from my body. I said I would spray it on next time too," Bonnie recalled. "Eve, do you think Simon liked the perfume enough to get turned on?" she asked, laughing. Bonnie's expression was now lustful, and her smile as dazzling as ever as she immersed herself in imaginations.

But, Eve sensed danger. She immediately responded, "No, you must not use that perfume when you see him. Bonnie, that perfume is harmful. Doctor Ouyang gave me a perfume that smells exactly like yours. But it couldn't cause the miscarriage of a pregnant woman. Use this similar perfume when you go see Simon. Then you will find out what he wants to do."

Bonnie rolled her eyes at what Eve said. "Is Simon suspicious?" she asked.

"It's hard to say. We'd better be careful," Eve said cautiously.

Bonnie nodded her head obediently and smiled. "Okay, I see."

"Is that bottle of perfume still in your house?" Eve asked, squinting at her.

"Yes, it is."

"Then flush the perfume down the toilet. Don't leave any evidence behind. Do you understand?" Eve asked, raising her eyebrows.

So, when Bonnie went to meet Simon, she sprayed on a bottle of perfume that wasn't ha

ody, but she could not voice them.

No one knew about the arrangements she and Simon had made. They quarreled constantly and gave each other the cold shoulder. She would also go on dates with Bruce quite often.

Nacy and Simon had acted on this together. They were the only ones aware of this plan. Even Nathan and Mandy had no idea that they had simply gotten a fake divorce at the Marriage Bureau. Simon's uncle had been a classmate of the head of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. He had helped them and, therefore, had their trust.

They worked in collusion and were successful in deceiving everyone, including the paparazzi. The news of their divorce had spread like wildfire in City A. But, it seemed like it had all been in vain.

Nacy had an indescribable yet, uncomfortable feeling in her heart. Her sixth sense was making her think twice. She did not believe that Bonnie had messed with the perfume. But, she also suspected that Bonnie had been so cunning and careful about leaving no evidence behind.

She grabbed the dress and sniffed it again. Realization sunk in. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said, "Yes, you're right. This is not the perfume we smelled that day. This smell is light. The other was similar, but not as faint as this one."

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