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   Chapter 696 The Embarrassment

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Not long after finishing the first one, Malcolm lit another cigarette. Ethon had already left.

The atmosphere in the hall was quiet and peaceful.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for Ethon because Shyla was still standing on the stage, scanning the crowd expectantly.

When Ethon came out of the bathroom, he found people eyeing him, while also giving way to him.

The light was shining brightly on Ethon. He looked all around without any expression on his handsome, chiseled face.

Under the stark gaze of every one present, Ethon slowly made his way to the stage.

Shyla looked at Ethon affectionately, her adoration for him clear on her face. She was both anxious and excited, wondering what would happen next. She thought Ethon would compromise and accept their marriage.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. There have been some misunderstandings about my marriage to Miss Tang. I have never been in a relationship with her, and I don't like her either. She is a great person, but I have been in love with another girl for many years. Hope you can bless us and forget about this announcement..." Ethon stood in the middle of the stage with his eyes looking firmly at the people around. There was no hint of hesitation in his manner.

No one said a word, although there were hushed sounds of people looking at each other in shock and some gasping. What was going on? How many more turns was this party going to take?

Shyla's eyes widened. When she realized what was happening, she felt so embarrassed she lowered her eyes. She fiddled with her own fingers, starting to sweat. How could Ethon be so blunt in front of so many people?

Did he really have to embarrass her? Further, wasn't this an insult to her and her father?

Her face looked pale and lifeless under the shining light. She stood frozen in place. Slowly, she lifted her eyes up at could now see the hatred surfacing in her pretty face.

"Ethon, what do you mean?" Shyla asked in disbelief. The drama had just started to unfold.

Monica, who was standing among the crowd, was stunned too. Her mouth was wide open. She had never expected her son to go against her.

She felt both shame and embarrassment. She was overwhelmed

you think I will throw it out of the window?" asked Monica angrily.

"It's up to you. If you want to throw it, go ahead. It's just a phone. If it makes you feel any better, just do it."

"Come on," Malcolm interjected. "Stop fighting. Monica, whatever happened was because of your own fault. How could you get him engaged without even asking him?" Malcolm, who was sitting in the front seat next to the driver, turned his head around and stared at Monica sternly. Sometimes he couldn't understand why she behaved so erratically.

"Aha! Why not? I'm his mother. I carried him in my womb for nine months! Do I not have the right to make a decision for him?" Monica argued senselessly.

"Don't impose your opinions on me. In your eyes, Shyla is a good girl, but in my eyes, she is just a spoiled girl. She can't be compared to Nana at all," Ethon said earnestly. He did not want to speak against his mother but was left with no choice.

Monica looked like she had passed into shock. Her grip on the phone loosened, and she resorted to staring out of the window with a sad expression. Ethon reached out and slipped his phone from her fingers.

What no one knew was that Monica had accidentally recorded their entire argument in Ethon's WeChat and sent it out to Fiona.

Back in her house, Fiona was chatting with Nathan and Mandy, and was in a great mood. Precisely then, she saw Ethon had sent her a message. A smile spread across her lips. She couldn't wait to see it.

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