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   Chapter 694 Visit Nana

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Monica, Shyla, and Joshua—all of them made Mandy sick. She did not know that Monica was that kind of person. Nonetheless, she definitely would not make it easy for her.

"Okay." Nathan did not say anything more and followed Mandy.

He hated seeing Mandy upset. Whoever made a pass at her would surely have to go through him. They were in tandem, and anyone who disgusted Mandy also disgusted him! The mayor was no exception. If Nathan wanted him out of office, he better pack his things soon.

Fiona was in her apartment, watching the TV alone. She missed Ethon and wondered what he could be doing.

Plopped on her bed, she tossed and turned. She had a strong urge to call him, but she did not fancy being a nuisance.

Mandy felt a gentle night breeze on her face as she stood outside of Fiona's apartment. She raised a hand and rang the doorbell, keeping her other hand intertwined safely with Nathan's fingers.

Fiona, who was having a silent battle with her phone, jumped up and ran out on her bare feet. She was at the door in a snap, thinking Ethon was back.

"Sis… Sis, brother-in-law, how come you're here?" Her excitement fell in a swoop. She fiddled with her dress awkwardly, and the cold ground seemed to suck the warmth out of her feet.

"What? Are we not welcome here?" A gentle smile appeared on Mandy's face as she took in her sister's appearance.

'She hasn't changed a bit. She still likes to walk around barefooted without a care in the world.'

Fiona immediately backtracked, and with a silly smile, she stepped aside and let them in. "Of course, you're welcome here! I was simply surprised!"

Mandy sat leisurely in the living room and looked around. There was no sign of Ethon. "Where is Ethon?"

Nathan loosened his tie and collar button before sitting down beside Mandy. He projected a stoic demeanor, and his lips had set tightly into a thin line.

They changed their clothes before coming so that Fiona could not tell that they had attended the mayor

line and see her loved ones get maltreated. Mandy had always protected her since childhood, so Fiona knew her well.

"That's why Monica hates you? We may not be as wealthy as the Yu Family, but I won't allow anyone to bully you," Mandy said in a huff. She was so enraged that she trembled. 'Why does Monica hate her? And how can they say that Shyla is better than Fiona? Just because she's the daughter of the mayor?'

"She didn't bully me, I promise. Besides, Ethon is on my side," said Fiona.

"Is it because Shyla's father is the mayor? Nana, you don't have to bear any humiliation. Your brother-in-law is much more powerful than Joshua. Who the hell is Shyla! She can't even compare with you!" Her anger melted in a flash, replaced by tenderness as she turned her head to look at Nathan.

Nathan, meanwhile, was wild with joy upon hearing Mandy's compliment. His chiseled face unleashed a broad smile that belied the power and ruthlessness below the surface. "Yes, Nana. You should be more confident. If you need anything, I will support you. It won't be easy for others to bully you, especially with us around."

Warmth crept inside Fiona when she heard their words. She could see that they meant what they said, and she felt relieved.

Yes, with Mandy and Nathan around, what else should she be worried about?

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