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   Chapter 693 Being Engaged

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Simon walked firmly toward Nathan and Mandy. Bonnie, who was standing next to him, smiled and then followed him closely. Her delicate baby face had a sense of victory on it.

Mandy couldn't bear to see Bonnie like this, like she was making a declaration of her ownership over Simon. Fortunately, Nacy wasn't here tonight, or this would really have provoked her.

The guests gathered all around Simon and Bonnie. Some of them were even whispering.

"Have you heard what happened with Simon? It's such a pity that Simon and Nacy got divorced. A few days ago, Nacy announced that she was pregnant and wanted to quit the entertainment industry. But things got so ridiculous. She had a miscarriage, and they got divorced shortly after."

"But didn't Simon cheat on her first? I heard that Simon met a woman at a bar and went to a hotel with her..."

"Is that woman Bonnie?"

"I think so. She is quite beautiful, though."

"Nacy now has an intimate relationship with the deputy director of the Education Bureau. I've heard that they are old lovers and lived together three years ago."

"Well… The entertainment industry is crazy when it comes to relationships…"

"Nathan, Mand," Simon greeted them expressionlessly as he walked up to them.

Bonnie clutched Simon's arm, unwilling to let it go. She smiled proudly and greeted them too, "Mr. Jin, Mrs. Jin."

Neither Nathan nor Mandy spoke back to her. Mandy looked away and fed Nathan a small piece of cake, ignoring Bonnie on purpose.

Bonnie was pissed off. Her face immediately lost all its pride, the surging anger could be seen clearly in her transparent face. She had come to greet them on her own and hadn't expected to be ignored like this.

Simon slipped his arm out of Bonnie's grip artfully. "Let's go meet the mayor..."

"Okay." Bonnie flashed a smile at him, immediately easing the awkward atmosphere.

Nathan lead Mandy to sit on a sofa. His thin and elegant lips were pressed together, and there was a

the main purpose of this party wasn't celebrating Joshua's birthday, but to set a trap for Ethon. Ethon finally realized what was going on.

"Congratulations, Mr. Tang! Your soon-to-be son-in-law is a handsome and promising young boy. Shyla will definitely have a great life with him if they get along well!"

"Yeah, I envy them so much."

"They are a perfect match. Mr. Tang, we will be waiting for the wedding!"

Before the guests figured out the situation, the greetings were already in the air. The marriage became the hot topic of the party and for many days to come.

Ethon smiled coldly, standing all alone. He had never thought he would be engaged without his own will and permission. He had even moved out of his parents' house. Wasn't that enough to get rid of their control?

Mandy's face turned a little cold. She sneered and spoke to herself, "Joshua, what a scheming man you are!"

"It is mainly a job done by Ethon's mom," Nathan commented. Nathan shook his head helplessly and glanced sharply at Ethon. He saw how the young man was standing alone in a corner, silent, but clearly angry.

"Let's go. I want to see Nana." Mandy was eager to leave. She felt sick at the party... First, spotting Simon and Bonnie, and then hearing this terrible news. She couldn't believe the people around her!

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