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   Chapter 692 Your Bones Always Hurt Me

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Shyla looked drop dead gorgeous today. She was donned in an off shoulder red dress with a nipped-in waist design. Her makeup was on point. Her hair hung loose in lazy beach waves. She looked exotic and sultry.

"Hello, Uncle, Auntie. Hello, Ethon!" Shyla noticed people at once, and naturally she greeted Ethon the moment she saw him.

"Oh, look at you my princess! You look ravishing!" Monica complimented Shyla with a kind smile and took her hand.

Ethon just stood there without shifting. He did not seem to be impatient and chose to be silent.

"Thank you so much, Auntie, for the praise. You look magnificent in the cheongsam. The golden embroidery suits you so beautifully!" Shyla said coyly in order to please Monica.

In fact, at the end of the day, they both wanted the same thing. Monica wanted her son to become renowned and successful in the coming times. If Ethon and Shyla could be engaged in holy matrimony, the result would be endless wealth and power for him. Even though the Yu Family itself was respectable and wealthy, Monica wanted to marry her son off into a wealthier family. So Monica was extremely happy with Shyla.

Fiona, on the other hand, was out of the question. She was poor and humble. If any kind of union happened between Ethon and Fiona, Monica would be enraged.

"I think I will go over there for a walk," Ethon said suddenly. He did not like staying there any longer. So, the minute he saw Nathan and Mandy enter the hall, he grabbed the opportunity to escape.

"Hey, Ethon, what do you mean? Where will you go? Shyla just came over to greet us, and you want to leave? Is this some deliberate attempt? What happened to the gentleman in you?" Monica tugged at Ethon's arm as she complained.

"Mom you misunderstood me. I just want to speak to Nathan. Look he is here," Ethon said convincingly. He did not want to anger Monica there.

Just as Monica was about to reply, Shyla cut in. With a very forceful smile, she said, " Auntie, let Ethon go, please. He has his own dealings. My father is waiting there

o lose more weight in front of Nathan once in a while. Although the words meant nothing, Nathan would take it seriously.

"Okay, fine, I won't say it again. Happy?" Mandy picked up another piece of cake and put it on Nathan's plate. She knew very well that Nathan did not like desserts, so she teased him and said, "You must be as fat as me then!"

"Ha-ha! You are just a bag of bones. They hurt me when I try to hug you! Let's put on some meat here and there!" Nathan joked as he looked at her up and down.

Mandy blushed at the proposal, and she smiled. She punched him playfully and in a soft voice said, "You are such a pervert!"

"Oh, my pretty darling!"

Nathan and Mandy were lost in each other as they chatted.

Simon and Bonnie made their entry with a bang. Simon was all suited up in white with a black shirt tucked inside. Bonnie looked beautiful in a long, light blue dress that had a lace stamen. Everyone turned heads to look at them.

Standing tall, Simon wore a delicate face. He was refined in his actions and behavior. He remained calm and conducted himself as a proper adult. After the divorce, he never smiled much, he maintained a poker face, and funnily enough, it suited his temperament.

Almost every man in the party was wearing dark today, but it was only Simon who was wearing a white suit. Naturally, he stood out in the crowd.

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