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   Chapter 691 Wait For You

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With her slender arms around his neck, Bonnie looked at Simon affectionately. She sensed that Simon had a crush on her.

"Okay." Instead of pushing Bonnie away, Simon held her waist in his hands.

With a flirtatious smile, Bonnie looked into Simon's eyes. She wanted to say something, but after a second thought, she held her tongue. She was too shy to ask it outright, though she wanted to ask. She was eager to know if Simon wanted to be with her.

Maybe it should have been obvious to her that Simon wouldn't consider starting a new relationship anytime soon.

"Simon, how long have we known each other?" Bonnie's crimson lips quivered, and her breath blew on Simon's face.

"Twenty five years," Simon said with a beaming smile.

"How many periods of twenty-five years can we spend in our lives?

Even if I live to be a hundred years old, it would only be four times.

I've liked you for a long time. My feelings for you have never changed. Simon, would you like to be with me?" With a joyful smile, Bonnie flung her soft body onto his strong chest.

Simon met her eyes. He hadn't known what was in her mind before, but now he was starting to understand.

In fact, Nacy and he had only been acquainted for twenty-five years. Simon liked her ever since the third grade of primary school. His love for her was deep in his bones. No matter what Nacy wanted to do, Simon would give her all his support, even if she really wanted to break up with him one day.

Simon pursed his thin lips and said nothing. A mysterious emotion was emanating from his handsome face.

Not hearing the answer she wanted, Bonnie was quite upset. She pouted, acting like a spoiled child. "Won't you give me an answer? Even if you say no."

Simon hesitated for a while, and there was a trace of hesitation on his lean face. "You know, I just recently got divorced."

Simon emphasized the word "divorced." He wanted to make Bonnie understand t

would sparkle with shifting colors. When people looked up, they could see an endless ocean of stars. That was why the hotel was called "Starry Night Hotel."

Many celebrities and people of high social status were invited to the mayor's birthday party.

The Jin Family members were all on the invitation list, but Daisy didn't enjoy being in such a crowded place. Now she was a grandmother. Although she was still relatively young, she didn't like to attend parties. She would rather play with Adrian at home with Jason, who would also stay home. Nathan and Mandy would attend the party.

Joshua's beloved daughter loved Ethon, so he had also invited all the members of the Yu Family.

Malcolm was in a neat suit. He was in his fifties, but he was still full of energy. His wife, Monica, was wearing a scarlet cheongsam, with a high cut, which complimented her graceful figure perfectly. She was nearly fifty years old, but she still maintained an excellent, curvy figure.

Ethon wore a suit too. He looked handsome in his navy blue suit. Monica herself had prepared his suit for him. Originally, he hadn't intended to come to the boring birthday party. However, when Monica visited the apartment where he and Fiona lived, he had to come with her, leaving Fiona alone in the apartment.

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