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   Chapter 687 Hung Up For The First Time

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"It's none of your business! I did divorce her, but she is still Lisa's mother. Does she have to get your permission if she wants to sleep here? Who do you think you are?" A muscle jerked in Colin's jaw. He brushed over the corner of his mouth, and blood smeared his fingers.

"I think you are asking for death." Serge clenched his fists, his knuckles cracking loudly.

"Get out of here right now, or I will call the police." The other man seemed so smug and self-satisfied that Colin felt the need to threaten him.

"Call the police? Fine! Call the police now!" Eyes, clouded with contempt, Serge smiled scornfully. Their expressions were stiff and tense, flawlessly in line with the air in the room.

Mandy was awakened from her sleep by the noise. She opened her eyes in confusion and seemed to hear Serge's voice. Slowly, the woman became aware of her surroundings and sat up with a start. Why was she here? Then she remembered putting Lisa to bed. Did she lull herself to sleep too?

She crept slowly to the door and pushed it open. The voices rose, shrill, and violent. Mandy hurriedly ran downstairs and crossed the hall with its dark, forbidding atmosphere.

Standing in bewilderment, Mandy saw Colin had a cut on his lips, and his clothes were ripped. Serge stood in front of him with a menacing aura. It soon became apparent that they fought just now.

But Serge was a strong adversary, and Colin was no match for him. He lost miserably!

"What's going on? Did you fight?" She blinked wildly and looked from one to the other.

As if by tacit agreement, no one spoke. She was not sure exactly what had ensued between them, but she saw the bloody scene.

"Are you kids?" Serge, why did you beat him?" Mandy scolded and fixed her eyes on him.

The latter's face turned beet red under Mandy's stare. He felt thoroughly ashamed of himself, for he was guilty. He bowed his head and crisped his lips in. "Mrs. Jin, it's half-past eleven. Mr. Jin has been calling you for a long time. Let me take you home."

Mandy was instantly alarmed, and her heart skipped a beat. How could she forget about Nathan?

After bathing Lisa, sh

irst time for Nathan to hang up on her!

It seemed that he was really mad this time!

She nervously bit her lip, brows drawn. She stared absently in front of her, oblivious to the noises around. Just then, the car slowed to a stop by the curb in front of the villa.

With her bag in hand, she jumped out of the car irritably and threw off her flat shoes by the entrance.

Once in the bedroom, Mandy switched on the light and charged her phone quickly. She took a lot of photos with Lisa earlier, which drained her phone's battery. As soon as she turned it on, she found plenty of missed calls, all from Nathan.

It was no wonder he was seething. Her head hit the pillows ruefully, and she tried to sleep.

She turned off the light and curled up. After a while, she shuffled over to her side, and her arm fell across the empty bed. Grabbing his pillow and holding it close, she sniffed. She could smell his musky scent combined with the faint fragrance of freshly washed linens. She missed Nathan so much at the moment. Hugging it tightly, she reached for her phone. With a look of remorse, she mustered the courage to call him. She took a few deep breaths and started tapping on her phone.

It rang! But it was hung up after three rings.

Mandy was flustered. Her head throbbed, and she had the urge to vomit. It was a common problem for her. Catching a cold or being extremely tired would always trigger a headache.

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