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   Chapter 683 Do You Miss Me

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"Why are you being so perfunctory? You are definitely not sorry for me. Remember, you have given me your word that you would accompany me on a business trip." Nathan tried to freshen up Mandy's promise that she made many years ago and reminded her at the other end of the phone.

Mandy remembered. It was, in fact, true. She did agree to the proposition in the past, but now it was difficult for her to fulfill the promise.

"Distance is beautiful if you look at it positively. You will start liking me more when I am away. Moreover, I am really worried about Adrian. You are an adult, and you can look after yourself, but not Adrian," Mandy teasingly told Nathan.

"My parents are there to take care of Adrian. What if I find myself a mistress when I am away from you? Are you not scared?" Nathan snapped back at Mandy.

"Well if that suits you; get yourself one! I really have no problem with that. But if you do bring her home, she will have to do all the cooking for the family as well as all the other chores," Mandy replied.

"Huh! In your dreams!"

Mandy laughed heartily. "How considerate is my husband! He will get a mistress to take care of his wife!"

"Are you poking fun at me?" Nathan quickly noticed that there was a bitterness to Mandy's tone of talking. He took a cushion and sat up comfortably.

"How could I? I'm such an innocent and good girl. I can never joke with you," Mandy said softly, meek like a rabbit.

"You know how to do the sweet talking!" Nathan shook his head in frustration, but his mood was uplifted the moment he spoke with Mandy over the phone. He felt lonely in a foreign country, waking up all by himself. But Mandy's voice made him feel better. He felt as if Mandy was right beside him to extend her support.

"You taught me well. With such an exquisite mentor, I had no other option but t

oints on a white paper she wanted to mention in the meeting.

At first Mandy had no idea about how demanding the business could get. But she was better equipped with understanding now. She was attending meetings and working overtime. Fortunately, she was the boss of Mandy Mall, and on top of that, Nathan's wife. Everyone in JS International revered her. She was a favorite among employees.

Mandy was on good terms with all the employees and was always kind to them. She was not as cold as Nathan. Soon, she became friendly with the employees of Mandy Mall.

In the JR Hospital

In the afternoon, Lisa's attending doctor had finished her check-up. He had good news. He said that Lisa's pneumonia had healed all the way, and she was ready to be discharged from the hospital today.

Lisa was extremely bored after spending almost a full week in the hospital. Today, she would be finally free. The little girl was ecstatic. Right after the doctor left, Lisa and Colin packed to leave.

"Dad, I am finally free today!" Lisa jumped happily, and her eyes sparkled with joy.

Colin lovingly patted her head and sighed. "Yes, we can go out today, finally."

"Then… Will Mommy come to see me again?" Lisa asked nervously.

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