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   Chapter 682 Bonnie's Lipstick

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After being taunted by Nacy, Bonnie became so incredibly tense that her body stiffened up. With her lips trembling, she snorted disdainfully, "You're insane!"

"Well, if I am insane, what are you?" A nasty chuckle escaped Nacy's lips. Since there was no way to bring her dead baby back to life, there was no reason for her to live in the past. However, the pain of losing a child would forever dwell in her, and now, all she wanted to do was exact revenge on the people who hurt her family!

More importantly, her pride would never let her allow others to just stomp on her dignity.

"I have nothing to say to people like you," said Bonnie contemptuously.

"I'm sorry, but I think it's you who is being aggressive," retorted Nacy.

"You said I spoiled the scenery first!" bellowed Bonnie.

"Bruce, tell me—did I say anything wrong? Am I not right?" asked Nacy.

Bruce stood still and smiled brightly. "You're not wrong, Nacy," he said, somewhat mockingly. "Just a while ago, we could see the stunning view, but now, it is entirely blocked by someone not as stunning."

One of Bruce's best—and worst—characteristics was his sharp tongue. This time, however, it served an excellent role in humiliating Bonnie without using any kind of offensive words.

'Annoying scoundrels! I will get you someday!' Bonnie thought, fuming from embarrassment.

With one final glare at both Nacy and Bruce, she turned around and left, feeling dejected and disgraced.

While she originally intended to provoke Nacy, she just ended up being defeated by her! She didn't expect to be attacked like this at all!

Her shame made her scurry to the bathroom as fast as she could. On her tail was a nervous Jennifer, looking lost as to what just happened.

Under the scorching sun, Bonnie felt that her profuse sweating had ruined her professionally applied makeup. As soon as she looked at herself in the mirror, she realized how messy her whole look was, making her grit her teeth with hatred.

She quickly took out the air cushion foundation from her designer back in order to replace what was lost. Unfortunately, the more layers she put on, the more unappealing she looked as it started to cake around her fine lines and baby wrinkles.

Good thing Jennifer was a master at makeup. She stood beside Bonnie and relentlessly gave her advice on makeup, and how she should have handled things better. "Bonnie," she said calmly. "You need to stop being so angry. Look at you—your makeup is a mess! Don't you realize you're already so pale?" She then pulled out Bonnie's lipstick and gave it to her. "Here. Apply some lipst

er end of the phone.

"Yes," Mandy replied, amused with and appreciative of Nathan's gesture. "What are you doing?" She then looked up towards the clock and calculated the time in Switzerland. "You just woke up, didn't you?" she said, chuckling a bit.

"Yup," Nathan responded, also chuckling. "I'm still in bed, lazing around." As he lay on his bed, he imagined how happy he would be if Mandy was by his side at that very moment.

"Still in bed, huh?" Mandy started to tease. "How about that beauty by your side? Did she have a nice sleep?" Mandy was having fun messing with Nathan.

Teasing was a way for her to hide her longing. For just like Nathan, she was missing him so much. She wanted to wake up with him and be by his side every day, but sometimes, that just would not happen.

"What are you talking about?" Nathan replied, chuckling. "There are no girls beside me. Never have, never will, aside from you. Do you know that I'm always imagining that you're here with me?" Nathan's voice became noticeably deep and husky, effectively adding to the seductiveness of his voice.

"Oh, shut up, Nathan. I know what you're doing! Stop acting like that, ha-ha!" Mandy could not help but laugh at the love of her life.

"I spent so much time on the plane! I'm so tired. Don't you feel sorry for me?" Nathan turned over and stretched out his arm, but to his disappointment, there was no Mandy that he could hug beside him. A frown blossomed on his lips.

"Okay, okay," Mandy said, sounding defeated. "I feel sorry for you." She chuckled. "But to answer your question: yes, I'm fine here." Remembering how early it was in Switzerland, she added, "You should sleep more! Your day won't start until a couple of hours still, right?"

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