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   Chapter 681 A Murderer's Conscience

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There were no traces of perfume on Bonnie's body. Nacy's brows furrowed for a moment before her features eased into a nonchalant smile. "Divorce? It doesn't bother me. Times have changed, and I find the notion that a woman is defined by her marriage incredibly outdated." The unperturbed smile on her lips remained as she continued, "Only misogynists would think so. It's a pity, especially coming from another woman herself. Don't you think it's time to reevaluate your perspective? Otherwise you'd be left behind."

Bruce slowly put down the kebab in his hand, and lifted his graceful fingers to adjust the black frames of his glasses. He stood up slowly, as if deliberately taking his time, and said, "That's true. Divorce doesn't make woman any less. Plenty of men would still find them desirable. The same is true the other way around. Even virgins can find it difficult to attract men. Most men prefer women who wouldn't be a boring lay in the bedroom."

"Ha-ha-ha..." Nacy burst into laughter as she gave him a thumbs up.

She could never have imagined that Bruce was hiding such a sharp tongue underneath his serious exterior.

Bonnie gritted her teeth at the curse that was threatening to escape from her lips. Her carefully made-up face blanched in fury. "I take it then that you are speaking from experience, Mr. Xu. Did you have one hell of a time paying Nacy a visit?"

"Miss Zhong, whether I have or not is none of your business, is it? Only unrefined ladies would pry into other's private lives. If you have the time to be concerned about us, I suggest for you to use it into learning better manners. You might have more problems getting yourself a man with that attitude," Bruce said.

"Since you like my ex-husband so much, you have all the chances in the world. After all, he's single again and there wouldn't be anyone in your way. Why don't you hurry up and find him?" Nacy added sweetly with a smile.

"You're a shameless bitch," Bonnie spat, unable to control herself. Her otherwise sweet face contorted in fury.

"Oh, don't be so angry. You'll age faster if you keep on frowning like that. Trust me, my ex-husband doesn't like old women. I know his preferences very well." Nacy's voice was

htmares. She saw herself standing in a dark basement, holding a bloody baby in her hands. She felt its heart beating, the sound growing louder and louder until she was woken up, her shirt soaked with cold sweat.

"Did I ever say that you had anything to do with it? You look pale. What are you so afraid of?" Nacy pressed, cornering her with questions. Given how Bonnie was reacting, she was now certain that Bonnie had something to do with her miscarriage.

Bonnie averted her eyes and countered, "What nonsense are you talking about? Whether your child lived or not, it doesn't have anything to do with me."

"Of course. I'm sure it doesn't matter to you." Nacy leaned closer to Bonnie and whispered, "Are you sleeping well these days? I hope you're not having nightmares. People with a filthy conscience burn in hell."

Startled, Bonnie drew back from Nacy and pointed at her with a trembling finger. "You… You're trying to frame me," she said with a shaky voice. "You can't even protect your own child, and now you try to blame others for your irresponsibility. Do you even deserve to be a mother?"

Nacy was quick to respond. The next moment, her hands were around Bonnie's pointed finger, almost twisting it off her hand with the force of her hold. "We'll see, won't we. Karma? That's right. Everyone gets their own eventually." Nacy pulled her closer and looked into her eyes as she hissed, "No prayer can save you from your demons. Watch out for your own shadows."

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