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   Chapter 679 Don't Go Too Far

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Nacy waved her hand and explained quickly, "Mandy, what are you talking about? Bruce and I are just friends, nothing more than that. There's nothing else between us."

"I'm not judging you, don't worry. You don't have to explain anything to me. Both you and Simon are tired of your relationship. It's good for you to have fun with Bruce so that you can forget about your worries and your unhappiness with Simon for a while. Just be careful not to go too far." Mandy smiled warmly. She only wanted to give her a friendly bit of advice.

"We're not going too far. Bruce isn't interested in me like that."

"So, did you want to go out with him for a barbecue just to make Simon jealous?"

Lowering her head, Nacy thought for a moment before answering, "Yes, I would like that. He deserves it, doesn't he? But I don't really care. Anyway, I have nothing to do with him now. I don't care what he feels about me. I will just follow my heart."

"You mean you wouldn't be jealous even if Simon was with another woman?" Mandy asked bluntly. Sometimes a woman could understand another woman's mind better than a man could.

Mandy tried to put herself in Nacy's position in order to understand what Nacy was going through. If Mandy herself had had a quarrel with Nathan that day, she wouldn't want him to mess around with other women. There was a very simple reason why couples quarreled with each other: it was just because the woman was jealous and wanted to vent her anger.

In most cases, if a man was willing to coax a woman, the woman would become as docile as a rabbit.

"No, I wouldn't be sad at all. If he can go out and have fun with other women, then I will also enjoy myself with some other handsome guys. I don't care if I make him sad or angry." Nacy smiled bitterly. Her anger at Simon was pretty obvious.

Mandy wasn't sure what else to say, so she just smiled and took hold of Adrian's hand and said softly, "Adrian, it's time for us to go to kindergarten now. Say goodbye to your aunt."

Adrian blew a kiss at Nacy from a distance and said sweetly, "Goodbye, Aunt! Love you."

"Love you too, Adrian." Nacy smiled back.

Hearing that, Mandy couldn't hold back the goose bumps that sprang up all over her body. She wondered how Adrian

feel that he was good enough for her. He worked hard to obtain his current position, just in order to take care of her in secret, and let her live a good life, free of worry.

He was a stubborn man, and he didn't want to fall in love with another woman.

"Of course. I often barbecued in high school. After graduation, I worked as a teacher, and I also took my students to have a barbecue every month. I'm pretty good at it. You can have a taste today," Bruce said with a big smile on his face, looking quite confident.

"I'm looking forward to eating a big meal." Nacy laughed and applauded.

Bruce placed the carbon on the stove and the tin foil on the barbecue rack. Then he smeared oil on the kebabs, looking very competent.

Staring at these delicious kebabs, Nacy quickly felt hungry. She squinted and smiled. "What do you think these kebabs will be like if they are roasted twice?"

"If you roast the kebabs well and then roast them again, they would be burnt. Why do you ask such a silly question?" Bruce took the brush and smeared oil and pepper on the kebabs, then he stared at the kebabs in front of him and answered her question carefully.

"This theory also applies to human feelings. If our feelings go too far, they can make us lose everything we cherish." Nacy turned her eyes to Bruce and watched his profile, noting the side of his face and his thin lips that were slightly pressed. His eyes were deep and impenetrable so that his thoughts couldn't be easily read by her.

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