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   Chapter 677 Mr. Jealousy

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"She always knew that I was the one who divorced Colin, and therefore, she tried her level best to stop the marriage from falling apart. She probably searches for some security deep in her heart, which I failed to give her. I am the one that is to be blamed here. This is all my fault!"

"Are you even in your right mind? This is just gibberish now!" Nathan exploded in anger as he frowned at all this.

"What am I supposed to do, Nathan? Please help me out!" Mandy was seemingly worried and at the end of her wits. She had no one to turn to, but Nathan. In her heart, she was hesitant, and she struggled to make a decision. Everything in her heart was like it had tangled into a large knot—a knot that she did not know how to disentangle.

"See the fact is that she is not your child. Therefore you have no business with her, and it will be wise of you to stay out of her life. You have to give up on this child! It is high time." Nathan had his own selfish needs that directed his suggestions for Mandy. His eyes looked evil. He was tired of seeing Mandy upset all day. He had not in his wildest dreams thought that a little child like Lisa would even be a problem.

"No, there is no way that I am giving up on her. Her parents helped me once when I needed it the most! I cannot just desert her, I will have to bear that guilt for the rest of my life. Such an act of unkindness will not go unpunished!" Mandy said decisively.

"You literally make no sense right now! You need not worry about her so much. I am willing to take all the backlash on your behalf and end your suffering," Nathan finally said to calm Mandy down.

"No. Please stop saying such things. I am just wondering how to make her accept the reality for what it is," said Mandy.

"Did you ever consider the fact that such a little girl knows so much about divorce and marriage? Is it not strange? This is all Colin's trickery to never let you go!" Nathan was enraged. He stared at Mandy with the hope that she would see this.

"Nathan, please tell me you are joking! Colin can be a very bad human being, but taking advantage of his little girl to fulfill his selfish needs will be the last thing on his agenda. I staunch

to comply with.

At this point, Nathan simply burst out.

"That does not sound great. Then what should I do? How to keep everything balanced?" Mandy was seemingly frustrated at this point.

"No one can have all the best things in the world together. You cannot keep in such regular touch with Colin anymore! You simply cannot rush to the hospital every time you get a call from there!"

"Okay, Mr. Jealousy, I get it!" Mandy teased Nathan with a twinkle in her eyes. She stared at his piercing eyes and smiled faintly in her heart.

This new nickname, "Mr. Jealousy," suited Nathan very well.

"What did you say?" Nathan was startled. He narrowed his eyes carefully. He was already sober even though the smell of alcohol still lingered.

"I called you Mr. Jealousy!" Mandy repeated provocatively.

"Oh, woman, you are dead. Wait just two minutes, I will show you my strength!" Nathan snapped. He showed his mock anger and teased Mandy. He played with her hair and traced her beautiful neck with his fingers.

Mandy tried to push Nathan away but was hugged even more tightly.

The bathtub was ready with steaming water. He picked Mandy up and put her in the bathtub. Then he quickly disrobed and jumped in to join Mandy.

"How strong are you? I don't know! Show me!" Mandy seductively pinched Nathan's chin.

Nathan grabbed onto Mandy's round buttocks and spanked it. "You naughty girl, you really need to be tamed!" he said in his sexy voice.

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