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   Chapter 673 Why Did You Hug Bruce

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Simon was deadly serious, without a hint of joking. He glared at Nacy as if he wanted to look through her soul.

Nacy wanted to explain, but she was too proud. At last, she said with sneering indifference, "Whatever."

Mandy couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up and said, "Enough of that, you two. Why can't you just get along with each other? Since you have feigned a divorce in order to figure out whether Nacy's miscarriage had anything to do with Bonnie, you shouldn't fight now. Is it fun to quarrel?"

"I didn't want to quarrel with him. It was he who quarreled with me. Did you see how angry he was? Who can stand this attitude?" Nacy curled her lips in disdain, but her tone was not so harsh as before.

"Why did you hug Bruce? Didn't you know that it would embarrass me? Nacy, why didn't you consider my feelings before you did this?" demanded Simon.

"Oh, and did you consider my feelings when you had an affair with Bonnie? Simon, you had a high social position. You can have countless women if you want. You claim that you and Bonnie were together only for work. But why was the scent of her perfume on you? Can you really swear that you didn't touch her? Huh? Don't lie to me." The anger in Nacy's heart had almost disappeared, but Simon's questions provoked her again.

Simon spat back at her impatiently, "I was with her only for business!"

"Well then, great. I, too, was only with Bruce for work." Nacy rolled her eyes and added, "Simon Ye, don't you dare blame me now. I don't want to talk about your affairs anymore. When you and Bonnie were photographed, you explained that it was merely for work. Then I and Bruce hugged each other for work purposes also. I went to the aquarium with him to find inspiration for my next play!" Nacy exclaimed.

"Ha-ha! No wonder you're an actress. You're really good at a


"Let's go," Mandy said cheerfully. She took Nathan's hand and looked up at the sky. The clouds were turning red, which was very beautiful and enchanting.

Nathan and Mandy locked their fingers together and walked to Adrian. With a small bucket in his hand, Adrian smiled and greeted them, "Mom, Dad!"

"Adrian, Mom and Dad are going out for something. Will you stay here and play with Uncle Serge?" Nathan squatted and looked at his son with joy in his heart.

"Okay, remember to be safe!" Then Adrian lowered his head and continued playing with the sand.

Mandy and Nathan walked away happily, hand in hand.

There was some light music in the car. Mandy said happily, "Nathan, I can see that Adrian is growing up."

"Why do you say that?" He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"I think he is becoming more and more polite, like a little man. It seems that his teachers in the kindergarten are teaching him well."

"Well, the teachers really have good methods. I had them investigated before I enrolled Adrian there, so I can trust them to teach Adrian well." Nathan also attached great importance to the education of his son. Therefore, he was very careful in choosing a good kindergarten for him.

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