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   Chapter 671 What Kind Of Friends Are You To Be So Close

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Mandy had mixed emotions. She wondered why Colin refused Morry. Was it possibly that he still loved her? If so, she was the one to blame. She smiled lightly and asked in a half-playful voice, "Do you still like me?"

He didn't answer her question directly, but asked instead, "What do you think?"

The mood between them suddenly became awkward. Mandy turned her head away and changed the topic. She said, "What should I say? I have some work to do at the company. I'm leaving now. You can go back to work now."

Colin murmured, "I knew you would change the topic."

Mandy curled her lips and said, "Colin, please don't embarrass us. If you still have feelings for me, I won't dare to come and visit Lisa anymore."

With his arms folded over his chest, Colin looked Mandy up and down shrewdly. He suddenly laughed and said, "Come on, I won't do anything to you."

Mandy turned around and said, as if something had suddenly come to her mind, "I mean it. You and Morry make a perfect couple."

Colin was a little annoyed by that, but he bit his tongue and concealed his annoyance. "Okay, we can talk about it later," he replied abruptly.

Mandy waved to Colin. She thought it was not a bad idea to try to persuade him. At any rate, she had already said everything that she could say. If Colin still didn't accept Morry, there was nothing else she could do.

That evening, Mandy left work early and went to the kindergarten to pick up Adrian.

He was dancing with two teachers in his classroom. When he saw Mandy, he danced even harder.

Mandy took out her phone and took pictures of Adrian dancing with his teachers. She felt very happy to see him, because she had missed him so much for three years. She wanted to make up for the past by giving him all the love she owed him.

Soon afterward, the class was over, and Adrian's eyes focused on his mother. He was not like most other kids who acted very excited when they saw their mothers coming. Instead, he tidied up his things, t

s reputation was undeniable. Nacy's press agent immediately issued a statement, denying the close relationship between them.

However, if would have been better if this statement hadn't been released, because now the public started gossiping even more, and the situation was out of control.

At No. 520, Haibin Road

With her head aching, Nacy touched her forehead, lay on the sofa and ate an apple. She threw her phone to the side, resolving to ignore the gossip.

As soon as he received Nacy's call, gloom spread over Nathan's face. He walked over to the sofa and got straight to the point, "What happened between you and Bruce?"

"What could possibly have happened? We are friends." Nacy didn't care about these details. After all, she was in the world of entertainment. Some of the little stars became celebrities merely through hype. Even if she didn't like it, what could she do if the paparazzi wanted to snap photos of her?

"Friendship? You just got divorced this morning and went to the aquarium with him in the afternoon? Weren't you already having an affair with him behind Simon's back?" Nathan's face was stern and cold.

"Intimate? Why do you think my relationship with him is not innocent? Brother, a few photos made you think I'm having a relationship with him?" Nacy put down her fork in frustration.

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